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Get your favorite lasagna eating housecat into your edits with Garfield Clipart! With over 43 Clipart of Garfield and his friends, you can turn every photo into a Sunday paper comic strip.

Get Garfield in all of his moods, from lazy to couch potato. There’s Odie, Garfield, and more of his friends. Get the whole crew together and invite Garfield and his friends to crash your parties!

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Who are Garfield Clipart for?

Garfield Clipart are for the lazy lasagna eating garfield fans out there. If you love this lazy orange housecat, the comic strip or the cartoon show, you’ll be delighted with these Clipart! You won’t need any editing chops either, Clipart are easy to use.

Garfield Clipart preview by picsart photo editing and collage making appWhere to Find Garfield Clipart?

You won’t need to look under the couch for this housecat! Just search the Add-Ons Shop. To get there, you have to tap the Shopping Basket in the lower menu of the editor, then plug “Garfield” into the search bar. Another way to find Garfield is to just see if you can spot in him in the Clipart menu! Download these 43 Clipart on the spot, and start using them right away.

How to use Garfield Clipart

You would be hard-pressed to find a photo that wouldn’t be improved with Garfield lounging around. Throw him in the mix with your friends, or bring him with you on vacation. Life is always better when Garfield is around.

How exactly do you use Clipart on PicsArt? Well that’s super easy. Find the one you want to use, then just drag Garfield and his friends into the spot of the photo where you want to put them. You can do loads more with PicsArt though, so really, the question is only how far you want to go.

Moving and Resizing

To move, rotate, or alter the size of any sticker, it’s all done with simple finger gestures. Use your pointer to drag photos around, or latch on with two fingertips to rotate, shrink and enlarge.

Blend Seamlessly

Cats are notoriously shy, so if you want to help Garfield blend into his surroundings, try lowering the opacity of your Clipart or switching between preset blending modes. It’s that easy and you can give your pics a cool semi-transparent look.

Where’s that cat?

Let Garfield mix in with his surroundings by using the eraser to brush off bits and make it look like he’s walking in the background or hiding behind the sofa.

Make Your Own Cartoon

Use PicsArt’s callouts to make your own comic strip. You can make Garfield say whatever you want and write out your own story. You can even use the comic effect to turn your photos into a cartoon setting.

Make a Garfield Card

You can also make a Garfield birthday card for your friends. Just use Garfield clipart then write out personal messages.

Share and Get Likes

Let everyone get a good look at Garfield and share him on PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, whichever one you like. Don’t choose one, choose them all right from the app. It’s instant, and the more you spread the fun around, and the more likes you’re probably going to get.

Pile on the hashtags like they’re lasagna in a cat bowl, it just increases your chances of getting followers and meeting new creatives. The same goes for writing in your location.

Get Remixed

With #freetoedit, you can be sure that everyone can add their own twist to your Garfield edits. Make it a collaborative comic strip. You’ll be sure to meet other Garfield fans.

Remix Your Friends

Try searching #freetoedit to find photos that you can modify with Garfield Clipart. It’s quick and easy, and PicsArt is an endless source of pics to fuel your creative projects.

Get Inspired

Whether you’re searching hashtags, or bouncing around between cool artists, there’s always inspiration to be had on the PicsArt app, so see what gets your attention.

Follow a Tutorial

Learn new stuff and follow an easy, medium, or even hard tutorial. There are so many surreal and mind-blowing edits that you can learn how to make. A trip to the tutorials page is always like a shot of energy to your creative soul. Have a look and see what you want to learn today.

Try More Clipart

There are endless Clipart on PicsArt, every pack is worth a look. Sometimes, something as simple as clipart can unlock a whole new realm of photo-manipulation.

Send falling stars raining down from the night sky or instead, send up a bunch of Balloons flying through the air. Dress Gafield like a pirate with Pirate’s Life clipart or give him kisses.

Your move!

Download Garfield clipart today to liven up your pics with everyone’s favorite lasagna eating orange cat!

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