Girl Power Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing AppGirl Power Clipart

Say it with us – girls rule! And to celebrate being a woman we’ve made the Girl Power clipart pack. It’s made by awesome girls, for awesome girls, and has got everything to make you proudly scream out “Girls!” when Beyonce asks “Who run the world?” Together with the free PicsArt photo editor and collage maker you can make all your pics into feminist statements and collectively make a mark in herstory.

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Who Girl Power clipart is for

Girl Power Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing AppGirl Power clipart isn’t just for girls who wear tees with Feminist AF written across them, it’s for all girls and all women that know their value in the world and aren’t afraid to step up and make their footprint. And PicsArt makes it easy to make a statement with your photos. Use the free photo editor and collage maker to put clipart on your photos in just a few taps and spread the message far and wide.

Where to find Girl Power Clipart

Find Girl Power Clipart by scrolling through the sticker menu or searching in the PicsArt Shop. To open the sticker menu, tap the sticker icon at the bottom of the editor. The Shop is that little shopping basket icon on the far right end of the menu.

How to use Girl Power Clipart

To add Girl Power Clipart, upload a photo into the editor and tap the sticker icon. Scroll until you find the Girl Power Clipart pack, pick a sticker, and then just drag and drop. It’s as easy as that! If you want to take things further, PicsArt also has loads of customization features, so you can really get creative:

Rotating & Sizing

First let’s talk about the basics. Sizing and rotating your Girl Power clipart is all done with two-finger touch movements. Pinch to shrink, spread to enlarge, or rotate to rotate.


Blend your Girl Power clipart into your party pics in style with custom blending. Reduce the opacity of each sticker with the slider, or scroll between preset blending modes for instant blends.

Brush Off

You don’t need to use the whole sticker. Tap the eraser icon to brush off bits. This is especially useful to make it look like your Girl Party clipart is worn out.


Fight the power with your Girl Power pics, and share your edits directly from the app with the #GirlPower hashtag. When you confirm your Mardi Gras clipart edit, PicsArt let’s you pick from your favorite social networks in the next menu, so you can go straight to uploading.

Other clipart packs?

PicsArt has got LOTS of other clipart collections to sift through, so don’t stop at GRL PWR and explore to discover even more. There’s clipart for almost any theme you can think, so have fun looking around. You never know what creative kick you’ll stumble into next.

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