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Go Green Clipart

Express your love of nature, and spread conservation awareness with Go Green clipart! Go Green stickers are all about reducing your ecological footprint. Embrace your inner tree hugger and spread the word on how important it is to protect our planet.

Pick from a slew of nature-friendly phrases. Make a nature friendly edit and show everyone how much you care about this planet!

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Who is Go Green Clipart for?

Go green Clipart is for anyone who thinks that we need to step up our game when it comes to protecting our planet. There’s a lot of natural habitats under threat, and Go Green Clipart is about standing up to say that we need to get serious about this. You don’t need to be an editing pro, stickers are easy enough for everyone to use.

Where to Find Go Green Clipart?

Find Go Green Clipart in PicsArt’s Add Ons Shop! The Add Ons Shop is where you get all of your stickers, frames, backgrounds, and more. Open the Shop and plug “Go Green into the search bar”. You can also scroll through the stickers menu until you stumble upon Go Green.

How to use Go Green Clipart

Go Green Clipart preview by picsart photo editing appUse Go Green Clipart to make posters or create edits that celebrate the natural world. Use them on any photo of plants and species that you want protected, or just to let yourself be counted as someone who wants to protect this planet!


Just pick a piece of clipart from the menu and drop it in your photo, it’s that easy! But you can always do more using PicsArt awesome features. So many possibilities!

Customize with Touch Movements

Move your stickers around with one finger, or use two finger to change size and rotate. It’s all super simple, and super intuitive.

Blend for Double Exposures

Make your green slogans blend seamlessly into your pics by reducing the opacity or trying on a preset blending mode.

Weave In Your Stickers

Use erasers to brush off bits and pieces of your stickers to make it look like they are behind people and objects in your photos! It’s a great way to make your edits more realistic!

Make a Nature Poster

Make a poster that raises awareness for protecting the life on this planet. Use photos of nature and add on Go Green Stickers. Use the Text Tool to write on important poster info!

Mix and Match

Using stickers is not a about difficult decisions, use them all. Pile on as many different stickers as you! Mix and match. Knock yourself out and have fun!

Share and Get Likes

Share your photos to spread awareness! Make sure everyone hears your ecological message about how important it is to go green and reduce our carbon footprints!

Share your pics on Facebook, PicsArt, Twitter, everywhere and anywhere! Get likes and followers, and meet like-minded environmentalists in a fun creative exchange.


Pile on the hashtags to maximize your exposure! People search hashtags, so the more hashtags you have the more chance you have of nabbing new likes and followers.


Write in the location so that people near you can see what you’re sharing! It’s also a great way to make fun artistic connections!

Get Remixed

Use the hashtag #freetoedit to make it possible for other people to edit your pics! Anyone can edit a photo that has been tagged with #freetoedit.

Remix Others

Tap any photo with remix if you need a photo for your creative project. Any #freetoedit is like a stock photo to fuel your artistic whims.

Find Inspiration

Browse the app for inspiration! Follow artists, and feast your eyes on awesome photography, creative edits, and more! The app is always a shortcut to getting new ideas and recharging your creative batteries. The more cool artists you follow the more cool stuff you’ll see in your feed.

Follow a Tutorial

Want to learn something new and amazing? Follow a PicsArt Tutorial! They come in different difficulties, easy, medium, and hard so there is something for everybody. You’ll be amazed at how many cool ways there are to use the app, and in mere minutes, you’ll be making mind-blowing edits! Every tutorial walks you through step-by-step, so it’s learning made easy.

Try More Clipart

There is an amazing array of stickers available on PicsArt so try on a bunch. Stickers have a way of giving you new ideas and inspiring new creative projects!

Get your groove on with party wigs or light up the party with that color glow of neon lights. Celebrate with an explosion of colorful fireworks! There’s cool stuff in every corner of the Add Ons Shop.

Your move!

Embrace your inner environmentalist and download Go Green Stickers on the PicsArt app today!

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