Graduation Clipart

Graduation Clipart Edit by PicsArt Photo Editing And Collage Making AppTo all the graduating students out there looking to savor this important moment in life, Graduation Clipart! Graduation Clipart is your solution for making the kind of commencement ceremony edits that’ll have you looking back with starry eyed nostalgic smiles.

Make edits that revel in your accomplishments! You earned this degree, so enjoy it. We don’t graduate every day. Do something special.

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Who is Graduation Clipart for?

Graduation clipart and stickers are for those students who made it to the other side, and obviously, those who have friends and family who are also taking that faithful walk. Leave the pro editing skills behind, you can make something amazing with stickers in a snap on PicsArt.

Graduation CLipart preview by PicsArt Photo Editing And Collage Making AppWhere to Find Graduation Clipart?

You don’t need to check the lost and found for these stickers, they’re right there in the PicsArt Shop. It just takes a couple seconds to download them.

Open the stickers menu, or use the search bar in the add ons Shop. You can get started right away on making graduation edits that you can be proud of.

How to use Graduation Clipart

Make unforgettable edits for this unforgettable occasion. Your graduation is a the payoff of years of hard work, homework, and sleepless nights of studying. This is your chance to have fun and express how it feels now that you’ve finally made it.

Yo use Graduation clipart, find these stickers, pick one that you like, and move it into place — super easy. And you can just keep on adding more and more until you’re satisfied. Let it out and celebrate. There are so many ways to get creative in the PicsArt app, so experiment and play around.

Moving and Resizing

Use touch movements to customize. Two fingers let you change size and rotate. One finger is for grabbing and dragging.

Mix and Match

Mix and match different stickers, and get back in touch with your inner kid. Have fun!

Use the Eraser

Make your graduation clipart mix in with the ceremony by erasing parts to make it look like it’s passing behind people and objects. The eraser is key, and this tool alone can create amaze edits.

Blending Ideas

Try and weave your stickers into the scene by tapping blend and choosing a blending mode. You can also use the opacity slider to decide how transparent you want it to be.

Add a Lens Flare

Give your ceremony that shining look of magic that fits the majesty of the moment. Choose a lens flare out of the menu, and make sure your shining moment actually shines.

Make a Graduating Card

Easy! Choose a photo, add Graduation Clipart, then use the text tool to write a personal message. You’ll make people teary eyed..

Share and Get Likes

This is a great moment, so don’t cheat anyone out of this joy. You graduated! Shout it from the rooftops and share it! School’s out for ever (unless you’ve got more grad school coming)!

Post you grad pics on PicsArt, Facebook, and everywhere else. Don’t hold back. It’s not gloating, this is a major life moment, so make it last. You’ll nab followers and likes to which is always fun. People love a good graduation ceremony (as they should!).

Get Remixed

Use #freetoedit and let people edit your big moment with their own creative styles and vibes. It’s also a good way to get likes, since people always appreciate new photos to edit. Collaborate and have some fun. See what people come up with.

Remix Your Friends

Browse #freetoedit images and find photos to edit for yourself. Any photo with the hashtag is fair game, so there is always an instant easy way to have fun. PicsArt has endless resources to keep you going.

Get Inspired

Search PicsArt’s photo stream, browse your feed, and follow cool artists. Search artists or enter a contest. There’s lots of stuff to see, and that will only give you more ideas!

Follow a Tutorial

Miss school already? Well no need to rush your way out of the classroom! Go back to school with an editing tutorial, whether it’s easy, medium, or even hard. You’ll get a much quicker (and faster) education than the one you just finished, and become a pro editor in just a matter of minutes. Seriously, you can pick this up quick.

Try More clipart

Browse clipart and stickers and frames. PicsArt always has fresh and creative add ons to inspire your work and give you more to play with

Shower your ceremony in falling stars, celebrate with Balloons, or dress like a Pirate. Who cares! This is your big day, party how you want to.

Your move!

Get your diploma and download Graduation Clipart today! You’re now going into a brave new world — do it in style!

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