Japanese Emotions Clipart edit by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppJapanese Emotions

Do you love all things Japanese? Well this pack of stickers has the most adorable Japanese style characters for your pictures, so that you can express your feelings in that adorable Japanese cartoon way.

Choose from over a dozen adorable characters, from geishas to samurai. Give your pics an adorable Eastern feeling.

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Who are Japanese Emotions for?

Japanese emotions are for anyone who loves Japanese themes and cute cartoons. This is the perfect blend of Japanese culture and emojis. You won’t need any training or skills to use these stickers either, using stickers is easy.

Japanese Emotions Clipart preview by PicsArt Photo Editing appWhere to Find Japanese Emotions?

Find Japanese Emotions by opening up the Shop by tapping the Shopping Basket Icon! That’s where you can find all Add-Ons, and there’s a search bar that makes your life easy. You can also download Japanese Emotions Sticker from the Stickers menu, even if you’re in the middle of an editing project.

How to use Japanese Emotions Stickers

Drop Japanese Emotions stickers into any pic, whether it’s a couples pic, vaca shot, or from last week’s. Any pic can be enhanced by a bit of Japanese culture.

To use them, pick a sticker and move it into its desired place. It’s that simple, but you can add whatever you want to make it your own. PicsArt always loads you up with options.

Get The Basics

Moving stickers requires one finger touch movements, but if you use two fingertips, you can spread, pinch, and spin them to rotate and resize your stickers.

Put your stickers in the mix

Use the eraser to make it look like you Japanese characters are hiding behind objects and really in the scene. Just erase off pieces of your stickers by pressing the eraser icon.

Japanese Collage

Make a collage with a Japanese theme. Search the app for #freetoedit shots with a Japanese theme, and use Japanese emoticons to fill it out! Anime, Tokyo Skylines, whatever you can get your hands on, throw it into a collage.

Try blending

Reduce the opacity to blend your Japanese Emotions stickers into your pics. Try tapping blend, and then you can jump around the blending menu until you find a style that works for you.

Express Yourself

Japanese Emotions Clipart is about showing how you feel. If you’ve had a bad day, take a selfie and use Japanese Emotions clipart to express your feelings.

Add More

You can also add callouts, lens flares, or even PicsArt effects, which add cool filters and transformations.

Share and Get Likes

Share you Japanese edits on PicsArt and any other social network. You didn’t spend all that creative energy just so that no one would see your masterpiece! Share your work online!

The interface of the app lets you share directly from the menu, which is convenient, and you can do a lot more too. Add as many hashtags as you can think of, whatever it takes to get your pics noticed.

Get Remixed

Tap #freetoedit and it’s like lighting a beacon for all of the editors out there to come and edit your images. It just takes a second, and yet, it’s how so many great creative collaborations begin on PicsArt.

Remix Your Friends

Searching #freetoedit is like turning PicsArt into your own personal library of free stock photos. Search around for cool photos to edit and start creative projects. It’s so much fun.

Get Inspired

Your feed is a constant stream of cool photos and edits being shared on a daily basis so click them all. Tap on artists you like to browse their profile or search cool hashtags for new ideas.

Follow a Tutorial

Go back to photo-editing 101, and learn how to make the amazing happen on PicsArt. PicsArt has tutorials for artists of all levels; easy, medium, and hard. Start slow, and work your way up to the tougher stuff. You’ll be amazed at the unbelievable tricks you can learn in under a minute.

Try More Stickers

If you love Japanese Emotions, rest assured that PicsArt is brimming with amazing packs of stickers, frames, and backgrounds to fuel your creativity for days, weeks, and even months.

Sprinkle your photos with flower petals, throw on some animal ears, or get a magical makover with unicorn makeup. Try backgrounds for cool collages. Cupcake Backgrounds are so much fun, but you can even take things to deep space, like with Space Backgrounds.

The key is just to look around and try whatever sparks your interest. There’s always a cool discovery around the corner, so take advantage of it.

Your move!

Want to download Japanese Emotions? Get them today on the PicsArt app to embrace the adorable Japanese themed characters!

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