Kiss Clipart

Kiss with color and give your pics a bright new pair of lips! Kiss Clipart has stickers of expressive lips in a crazy range of color and emotion, from lip-biting pink to purple with tongue. Yup, this rainbow of kisses holds nothing back. Go bold with Kiss Clipart, and give your pics a pair of lips that no one will forget.

Download Kiss Clipart Now

Kiss Clipart with Crazy Lips from PicsArtWhere to find Kiss Clipart

You don’t need to wait until the second date to download Kiss Clipart, you’ll find it readily available on the PicsArt app right now. PicsArt is a free photo editor for almost any smartphone or tablet. Just go to the clipart menu in the editor, or search for Kiss Clipart directly in the Shop.

Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor.

Who Kiss Clipart is for

Kiss Clipart is for anyone who wants to give their pics a fun and wild kiss of color. You don’t need a single day’s worth of photo-editing experience, with PicsArt, anyone can add Kiss Clipart to their pics with ease. And if you’re looking for even more clipart collections, look no further.

How to use Kiss Clipart

Kiss Clipart isn’t just a fun way to give you and your friends a wild new pair of lips, it also comes in handy for making all sorts of colorful pop art designs and surreal edits. Adding Kiss Clipart on PicsArt is as easy as selecting the right pair of lips and dragging them into place, but PicsArt also has plenty of features to help you take things further.

Rotating & Sizing

Rotating and sizing your Kiss Clipart on PicsArt is all done intuitively with your fingers. Pinch your sticker to shrink it, spread your fingers to enlarge, or to rotate, just rotate with two fingers. Easy!


To make sure that your kiss goes smoothly, try to blend your clipart into your pic. Reduce the opacity or scroll between preset blending modes!

Brush Off

After you select a piece of Kiss Clipart, tap the eraser icon to brush off pieces of your sticker! This is a great to make it look like your kiss is disappearing behind objects and people in your photos.


Kiss Clipart is all about loud and colorful fun, so don’t sit on your edits. When you finish editing on PicsArt, tap the checkmark and, from the following menu, choose your fave social networks to share your edits with your friends! Throw in the #Kiss hashtag, too!

Other clipart packs?

If you’re in the creative zone, don’t stop with Kiss Clipart, have a look around at some of the awesome clipart packs on PicsArt. If all this kissing has you in the mood for love, try Love Clipart or Heart Clipart to pour your feelings into your edits. If it’s the punny stuff that inspires you, try Funny Valentine Clipart and make your valentine crack a smile. There’s loads of clipart out there worth hours of creative fun, so browse and see what you find. Often, the best clipart packs are the ones you just stumble into.

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