Letters Clipart

Don’t just express yourself, spell it out to the letter with Letters Clipart. Letters Clipart let’s you spray the alphabet all over your pics in bold graffiti. It’s the perfect clipart pack for writing with a colorful urban edge. Whether you want to tag your name across a selfie or write out something a little more elaborate, Letters Clipart gives you full creative control over your text.

Make Graffiti Letters Clipart with PicsArt Photo EditorWho Letters Clipart is for

Letters Clipart is for those who like to say what they feel and say it with feeling. There’s no room for half-measures here, anything you write with Letters Clipart will be in bold beautiful graffiti. Say it loud.

Graffiti Letters Clipart from PicsArt Photo StudioWhere to find Letters Clipart

You’ll find Letters Clipart on the free PicsArt app, which you can download for basically any device. Just upload a photo into the editor and peruse the clipart menu, or you can shoot straight over to the Shop and plug it in the search bar.

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How to use Letters Clipart

Using Letters Clipart is as easy as ABC. Just tap a letter and drag it into place. Spell out words or build around single letters. Throw them on a pic or a collage, it’s all on you. Still, here are a few tips on how to squeeze the most out of this spray can.


Letters Clipart does not start and stop with drag and drop. Integrate your text into your pics by playing with the opacity slider and blending modes. Fade your letters into your pics for a more natural feel.

Brush Off

Another way to integrate your Letters Clipart into your pics is by having them pop out from behind people and objects within your photos. All clipart in the PicsArt app has the option of letting you brush off bits. Just tap the eraser icon and erase the parts of your letter where you want them to look like they are disappearing behind something.


When you are done using Letters Clipart, don’t just keep it to yourself. Say it loud and spread the word with a share. After finishing any edit on PicsArt you are automatically prompted with the option to share on the social media of your choosing. Save, share, and make sure that your text edits are heard.

Other clipart packs?

When it comes to text, PicsArt has loads of clipart options to bring you the alphabet in all kinds of fun and exciting flavors. PicsArt also has an amazing Text Tool that let’s you write out your own text, with a deep library of custom fonts and a lot more where those came from in the shop.

But it’s not all about the letters. If you’re a reader as well as a writer, try Book Clipart to send novels and textbooks flying through the air. If you’re a jokester, try Meme Clipart to get your hands on a hilarious array of meme phrases to make instant meme’s right from your phone.

Mostly, just explore and if something grabs you, follow your inspiration and create something awesome.

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