Lunar New Year Clipart

Celebrate the year of the rooster with Lunar New Year Clipart! China marks the Lunar New Year with a massive celebration, and each year they cycle through a different animal from the Chinese zodiac. For 2017, it’s the year of the rooster, and this pack of gold and red rooster stickers let’s you hatch up some awesome edits for the occasion. And check out Chinese New Year Clipart for even more ways to celebrate!

Lunar New Year Clipart with RoostersWhere to find Lunar New Year Clipart

Get your hands on these festive roosters by downloading Lunar New Year Clipart on the PicsArt app, a free photo editor for almost any smartphone or tablet. Upload your Chinese New Year pics to the editor and find Lunar New Year Clipart in the clipart menu or by searching directly in the app’s Shop.

Who Lunar New Year Clipart is for

The Lunar New Year is increasingly becoming a global celebration, so Lunar New Year Clipart is essentially for anyone who wants to join the party with some festive edits. Whether this is your first time celebrating or your first time editing, Lunar New Year Clipart is easy enough for anyone to use.

How to use Lunar New Year Clipart

Using Lunar New Year Clipart is a breeze. All you have to do is pick a rooster from the clipart menu, and then drag it into place with your fingers. If you really want to spread your creative wings, however, PicsArt is loaded with some awesome customization features to help you take things a step further:

Rotating & Sizing

Rotating, shrinking, and enlarging stickers is all done with your fingers on PicsArt. After choosing a rooster, just grab it with two fingers and then spread, squeeze, or spin your stickers to get the exact right position and size.


Give your Lunar New Year designs a sleek touch by blending them into your pics. Reduce the opacity of your rooster stickers or scroll between present blending modes for a more integrated look.

Brush Off

For an even more professional touch, put your stickers right in the middle of the action. After selecting a piece of Lunar New Year Clipart, tap the eraser icon and then brush off bits to make it look like your rooster is disappearing behind objects and people in your photos!

Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor.


The Lunar New Year is about mass celebration, so share the festivity! After you finish your edit, press the checkmark to confirm and a quick quick menu will pop up presenting you with all of your fave social networks. Pick one or more, and share your creativity! Don’t forget the #Lunarnewyear hashtag to take part in the worldwide festivities.

Other clipart packs?

There’s more than one way to kick off the year of the rooster! PicsArt is loaded with awesome clipart worth hours and hours of creative fun. Get Chinese New Year Clipart to overlay your pics with Chinese calendars of the year ahead. Since we’re in the thick of winter, you can also celebrate the season with Winter Clipart, or you can just celebrate on your own terms with Party Clipart to throw on a fun party wig.

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