Mardi Gras Clipart

Jump into this year’s Mardi Gras festival feet first with Mardi Gras Clipart. Choose from over a dozen stickers themed after Mardi Gras’ greatest traditions, including masquerade masks, beads, hats, and phrases. All of this, themed in the purple, green, and gold colors of Mardi Gras for that unmistakable Fat Tuesday look.

Mardi Gras Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppWhere to find Mardi Gras Clipart

Get Mardi Gras Clipart by scrolling through the clipart menu or using the search bar in the PicsArt Shop. To open the clipart menu, tap the clipart icon at the bottom of the editor. The Shop is that little shopping basket icon on the far right end of the menu.

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Who Mardi Gras Clipart is for

Mardi Gras Clipart is for anyone who wants to give their pics the unique look of a true Mardi Gras parade. No editing experience is needed, adding clipart on PicsArt easy enough for anyone to master.


How to use Mardi Gras Clipart

To add Mardi Gras Clipart, upload a photo into the editor and tap the clipart icon. Scroll until you find the Mardi Gras Clipart pack, pick a sticker, and then just drag and drop. It’s as easy as that! If you want to take things further, PicsArt also has loads of customization features, so you can really get creative:

Rotating & Sizing

First let’s talk about the basics. Sizing and rotating your Mardi Gras clipart is all done with two-finger touch movements. Pinch to shrink, spread to enlarge, or rotate to rotate.

Mardi Gras Frames

Don’t just use Mardi Gras stickers, try PicsArt’s Mardi Gras Frames to complete the look.


Blend your Mardi Gras clipart into your party pics in style with custom blending. Reduce the opacity of each sticker with the slider, or scroll between preset blending modes for instant blends.

Brush Off

You don’t need to use the whole sticker. Tap the eraser icon to brush off bits. This is especially useful to make it look like your Mardi Gras clipart is half hidden in the frey of the party.


Break the internet with your Mardi Gras pics, and share your edits directly from the app with the #MardiGras hashtag. When you confirm your Mardi Gras clipart edit, PicsArt let’s you pick from your favorite social networks in the next menu, so you can go straight to uploading.

Other clipart packs?

If you’re in the creative zone and don’t want to leave, PicsArt has more than enough awesome clipart to fuel your inspiration for hours. Cap off your Mardi Gras celebration with Fireworks Clipart to light up the night sky, or celebrate with something a little more whimsical and send off scores of Floating Lanterns Clipart, or shower your pics in stardust and try our Star ClipartThere’s clipart for almost any theme you can think, so have fun looking around. You never know what creative kick you’ll stumble into next.

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