Neon Lights Clipart

Neon Lights Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppLight up your pics with Neon Lights Clipart and make your shots pop with glowing neon images. Hearts, electric guitars, ice cream cones and more all glow in a glimmering array of colors. Choose from dozens of colorful pop-art designs and fun shapes!

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Who is Neon Lights Clipart for

Neon Clipart is for anyone who loves the look of a glowing neon sign. The colorful glow of neon is a special kind of light, and Neon Lights Clipart makes it easy so that anyone can bring that awesome late-night vibe into their photos.

Where to find Neon Lights Clipart

YNeon Lights Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making Appou’ll find Neon Lights Clipart on the PicsArt app, which is a free photo editor that you can download on basically any smartphone or tablet. Upload a pic from your phone into the editor and track down Neon Lights Clipart by either scrolling through the clipart menu or using the search bar in PicsArt’s in-app Shop.

How to use Neon Lights Clipart

Neon Lights are at their best and brightest in the shadows, so be sure to set your Neon Lights Clipart against dark backgrounds. It’s as easy as uploading a pic into the PicsArt editor, selecting Neon Lights from the clipart menu and dragging it into place. Still, there’s lots tips and tricks worth trying.


Blend your Neon Lights Clipart into your pics by reducing your the opacity to fade your clipart into the background. You can also have fun experimenting with different preset blending modes until you find one that’s just right for your edit.

Brush Off

Don’t just tag your pics by throwing neon lights on top of them, put your lights into your pic. Tap the eraser icon and brush off bits of your clipart to make it seem like your lights are disappearing behind objects and people.


Don’t just keep your edits tucked away in your smartphone, share them with your friends! Whenever you finish any edit on PicsArt, you get an automatic prompt to save and share it on social media. Choose your fave social network and light up your friends with your neon edits..

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PicsArt has a deep clipart library that is more than enough to fuel your creative whims wherever they take you. No matter the theme, there’s usually a pack for it and each one is worth hours of editing fun.

If you’re looking for more neon, the Neon Colors Clipart and Neon Signs Clipart packs give you even more neon designs to choose from. If you want something totally different, you can play around with nature clipart or try and break the internet with Meme clipart.

Half the fun is browsing, and sometimes the best clipart pack is the one you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Your move

Switch on the lights and download Neon Lights Clipart today on Picsart today! PicsArt is available for free download on phones and tablets across iOS, Android, and Windows

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