New Year Wishes Clipart

The New Year is here! And what would it be without new wishes, new resolutions (that we’re not going to keep, let’s be real), and new plans for 2017? With the New Year Wishes Clipart pack you can let everyone know how you’re ringing in the New Year 2017, and the new you! New Year Wishes Clipart has got all you need to make your holidays sparkle and will make your pictures awesome, that’s the PicsArt way. Looking forward to the year ahead, check out New Year Clipart, too, and mark everything off on awesome calendar overlays.

Who New Year Wishes Clipart is for

New Year Wishes Clipart for 2017 by PicsArtDoes the New Year mean something big to you? Do you want to hug (and maybe kiss) everyone around you when the ball drops at midnight? Do you want to congratulate in style and wish a good and successful year, all while having amazing New Year photos that will stand out? The New Year Wishes Clipart is what you need then! When words just aren’t enough, have pictures speak for you. Wish everyone an awesome New Year, all while having fun photo editing with PicsArt! And explore more New Year Clipart here.

Examples of New Year Wishes Clipart

New Year Wishes Clipart from PicsArtThere are so many uses for New Year Wishes Clipart! Add a sticker to a postcard and send it out to family and friends. Having fun during the festivities? Add some New Year Wishes to the pics from your party. There are dozens of text overlays you can put over your pics. Make photos even more awesome using New Year Wishes Clipart along with Star Clipart – and make any image shine! Want to get into the holiday spirit but don’t have everything set up yet? Combine New Year Wishes Clipart with Happy New Year Clipart, and have decorations that make your space sparkle with joy and merriness. Find all you need to make a personalized New Year pic that’ll have WOW on everyone’s lips!

How to Use New Year Wishes Clipart

Ready to give New Year Wishes Clipart a try yourself? Excellent, just follow these easy steps! First download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor if you don’t have PicsArt yet.

  1. Find and download our New Beginnings sticker pack from the PicsArt shop.
  2. Open the app and tap on “Edit,” then select a photo you want to add New Year wishes to.
  3. On the bottom panel, tap on the Sticker icon, and choose from the New Beginnings clipart bundle.
  4. Made up your mind on which wishes you want to use now? Bring ‘em on!
  5. Adjust the size and opacity to your liking, and tap on “Apply.”
  6. Save the image to your device and share on PicsArt and other social networks

Share with the world

Congratulations! You now have colorful wishes right on your phone! Don’t be shy and share the awesome, festive images you’ve created with the PicsArt community and your favorite social networks. Just a tap, and the whole world will see those amazing pics and how excited you are for the new year! And don’t forget to use the #newyear and #2017 hashtags!

How to Make Your Pics Even More Awesome

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Happy New Year!


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