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Party Clipart

Ball out with Party Clipart and let your hair down with this fun pack of party wigs. Party clipart let’s you choose a set of wild hairdos for wild nights out. Hit the dancefloor with a mop of purple hair, or better yet, some platinum bangs. Take your party pics next level and bring the roof down with a dazzling new look. Put on some crazy lips from our Halloween Clipart and wrap up your look. Or explore more clipart packages.

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Party Clipart - Party Wigs from PicsArtWho is Party Clipart for?

Party clipart is for anyone who likes to go out with their besties and get a little nuts. This is about having fun with some flash, and making your friends laugh by giving your party pics a flamboyant makeover.

Where to find Party Clipart

You can find Party clipart on the free PicsArt app. Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor. No velvet rope, no bouncers, just a couple minutes to download the app and Party Clipart is right there in the clipart menu. You can also search for it in the in-app Shop.

Party Clipart - Party Wigs from PicsArtHow to use Party Clipart

Party Clipart is perfect for all of your Friday night pics of you and your friends. Group photos of course, there are enough wigs for everyone, and half the fun is everyone laughing at how ridiculous everyone else looks.

Brush it off

No, we are not talking about a hair brush, we’re talking about a really useful PicsArt feature to make any clipart feel more real. When you add clipart in the app, you get the option to erase bits and pieces of your clipart. That means that you can make bits of a friend’s wig disappear when the hair falls behind someone standing in front of them, as it would in real life. In other words, don’t put Party Clipart wigs on your pics, put the them in your pics.

Split your wig

Now that you know how to brush off, you can really go nuts. Split two wigs in half and put them together to create hybrid wigs! Mix and match colors and styles to create a completely custom party look.

Share it!

We’re not judging you if you party alone (who hasn’t danced alone in their room?) but generally, parties are better with friends. Post your Party Clipart edits to your pals and besties and share a laugh. Whenever you finish any edit on PicsArt, you are automatically prompted with the option to share on whatever your fave social network is.


Keep the fun going

If you have a lot of fun and crazy pics with friends, Party Clipart wigs aren’t your only option. PicsArt is stacked with all sorts of fun clipart to fuel your creative fun.
Try Meme Clipart for a sure laugh, and turn your silliest selfies into hilarious memes. If you want more wild styles, try Holographic Makeup Clipart and give yourself a super creative makeover. There are dozens of clipart packs out there, so take a peak and tap on whatever inspires you.


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