Picnic Clipart

Picnic Day Clipart edit by picsart photo editing and collage making appAll set for 4th of July celebration! With summer rolling and us all celebrating the Independence Day (hurray!), it’s more than just a tradition to go out with your family, enjoy the nice weather, each other’s company, and of course have a lovely picnic somewhere in the shades of trees! This year, PicsArt’s got your Picnic Basket ready for you! Hamburgers and sandwiches, soda, wine and smoothies – all are lined up in the Picnic Clipart set, for you to bite a piece of them!

Check out hashtags #4thofjuly #independence and #picnic and get in the Independence-Day-mood even further!

How to Use Picnic Clipart

Ready? Get your basket out, we’re going shopping!

  1. Download the free Android or the free iPhone photo editor if you don’t have it yet.
  2. Search for and download Picnic Day Clipart sticker pack.
  3. Open the app and tap on “Edit,” and select the image from the 4th of July celebration that you want to add the clipart to.
  4. On the bottom panel, tap on the Sticker icon. Now choose a sticker from the Picnic Clipart, and bring it to the pic. Why stop on one? Try out a few!
  5. You can now adjust the size, angle, or hide parts behind other objects – all’s in your hands.
  6. Tap on “Apply” once you are done.
  7. Save the image to your device, as well as share on PicsArt and other social media!

Examples of Picnic Clipart

Picnic Day Clipart preview by PicsArt photo editing appDid you have an awesome picnic with your family, enjoyed each other’s company, and the fireworks? I bet you have tons of selfies and family pics (and food pics, naturally) that are piled up in your camera! Even if you were just sitting on the plain grass, or have some not-so-pretty things in your pics that you wanna hide, you can use Picnic Clipart and add the pics some summer vibes.

Make a Collage

Bring together several pictures from the celebration of the 4th of July, your birthday, or just the picnic you had with your family and friends when the weather was particularly good, and throw on a Picnic Clipart to make a collage that bring all your happy memories together into one pic.

Add Effects

You can add various effects to your pics both before and after adding the clipart! Add the clipart first and use one of the effects available, and make the clipart “blend in” the photo, or add it on later, and put the emphasis on the right things!

Print it Out!

Done with editing? You don’t have to keep the awesome edits digital-only. Save the image, and print it out. Let it be a reminder of the happy day you spent with your friends and family!

Follow a Tutorial

You can always have some fun and advance your photo editing and collage making skills even further by watching one of the numerous tutorials (easy, medium, and hard level) that are there to give you all the necessary tools and inspire you to get creative with PicsArt.

More Clipart!

PicsArt has so many more Background, Frames and Clipart packs to offer!

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Share and Get Remixed

After thinking over and creating such awesome images, it’s time to share them with the world! Once you are done with editing, you’ll be prompt to save the image to your mobile, share it with PicsArt community,

You’re not gonna keep those images to yourself only, right? Once you’re done with editing the images, it’s time to share them! You can share the images both with PicsArt community and all the other social networks that you love right from the app. Share, get noticed, and enjoy your time with PicsArt!

Get Remixed

Tapping on #freetoedit tag when you share your image automatically makes your pics and edits available for further remixing and re-editing by the community members. Prepare to see mind-blowing and absolutely amazing edits of your own pics!

Your move!

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