Pumpkin Clipart

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Carving pumpkins is hard,

Using clipart shouldn’t be.

PicsArt’s Pumpkin Clipart makes it easy to wear the unofficial Halloween mascot without the icky cleanup and the awkwardness of walking around with an actual pumpkin on your head. No Halloween photo would be complete without little ol’ Jack-o’-lantern, and there is enough pumpkin clipart for even the most discerning pumpkin connoisseur. No carving skills required. Use it with Halloween Clipart and Ghost Clipart for the spookiest pics of all. 

So many quirky pumpkins 

So many wacky photo ideas

Use your new pumpkin clipart as a face mask for every mood and emotion or have a band of outlaw pumpkins over for tea and sweets, we won’t tell you what to do with your new orange friends. With PicsArt’s photo editor you’ll be the Halloween pumpkin master. Resize, rotate, mix and match and do everything you would with a real pumpkin if real pumpkins could, oh we don’t know, show Oscar-worthy range or emotion?! 

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