Renaissance Response Clipart

Renaissance Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing AppIf you love sass, and you love fine art, then Renaissance Response is for you. Give your friends a throwback comeback, and by throwback, we mean all the way back to the Italian Renaissance. These stickers pair sassy phrases with renaissance paintings for some masterful memes.

Choose from 12 renaissance stickers, and give your lingo an artistic masterstroke. Use them for funny cards, throw them out during a chat, or make you own meme. Trash-talk the old fashioned way, as Michelangelo intended.

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Who are Renaissance Response Clipart for?

Renaissance stickers are for any sassy quippers who like to speak with a fine art gloss. Edit with the skill of the Italian masters, and a bit of modern swag mixed in. You don’t need to any photo-editing skills or training in oil paints, using stickers on PicsArt is a no-brainer.

Where to Find Renaissance Response?

Renaissance CLipart by PicsArt Photo Editing And Collage Making AppThe quickest way to find Renaissance Response stickers is to tap the little shopping basket on the far left end of the bottom menu and search the word “renaissance” in the Add On Shop’s Search bar. 

How to use Renaissance Response Stickers

Whether you’re making a silly card, throwing these on a goofy selfie, or dropping them into your museum photos, using Renaissance Response Stickers is simple and instant.

Open a pic in the editor, select the sticker you want to use, and then you just have to drag your Renaissance Response sticker into place. If you want to go to the next level, PicsArt gives you tons of ways to kick things up a notch.

Touch movements

You can move and customize stickers using your fingers. A single finger lets you drag them around. If you use two finger movements, you can rotate stickers, shrink them, or stretch them into bigger sizes.

Blend Your Stickers

Blend your Renaissance Responses into your photos for a seamless look. It’s as easy as lowering the opacity slider, or tapping blend and selecting a preset blending mode that fits the bill. Go for the slight transparent look for a subtle touch.

Weave Them In

With the eraser, you can weave stickers into your background by erasing bits strategically. Tap the eraser, then brush off the parts that you want to hide behind figures and objects in your photos.

Make a Collage

You can make an artistic collage by mixing up stickers with background and photos. If you’ve been to a museum lately, drop in some Renaissance Stickers with your museum pics and make a fine art themed collage.

Add More

Add as many stickers, lens flares, photos, and text as you want! When you use the plus sign before confirming an edit, you can move everything around until it’s just right. Once you confirm, everything is stuck in place. Confirm by tapping the plus sign.

Share and Get Likes

Build up your following and tally up some likes by sharing your pics, and not just on PicsArt. Share your edits on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more! You can share your renaissance creations directly from the app. Whenever you confirm all of your edits, when it’s time to save, you can share onto any of you favorite menus right from that menu.

When you write in your location and add lots of hashtags, it gives your photos much more visibility, and that means even more likes.

Get Remixed

Getting remixed means you let other people edit and share your pics. It’s a really fun way to collaborate, and we’re sure that Da Vinci would have approved. Just tag your photo with #freetoedit, and that’s it! Others will add their own twist.

Remix Others

Add Renaissance Response stickers to other peoples’ pics by remixing their photos! Just tap remix, and away you go. You’ll meet cool people, get followers, and make great art.

Find Inspiration

PicsArt is an awesome museum for great photo editing. Just search hashtags and give yourself a chance to stumble on something new and inspiring. Try searching #art, #museum, or #renaissance! You’re sure to land on something exciting.

Follow a Tutorial

You may not have the student loans to go to art school, but the next best thing are PicsArt tutorials. Try easy, medium, or hard ones. You won’t just up your skills, you’ll really discover the full potential of all the amazing things that you can do on PicsArt. Learn something incredible, and fall in love with photo-editing all over again.

Try More Clipart

You don’t need to get stuck in the Renaissance. There’s loads of great sticker packs on PicsArt for you to play with.

Give your hair a festive makeover with party wigs or set your pics aglow with colorful neon lights. Blow up some fireworks or try something different altogether.

Be sure you take your time and look around the stickers menu, you never what amazing inspiring project might get started by a cool stickers pack..

Your move!

Get in your time machine today, and download Renaissance Response on the PicsArt app!

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