Santa Clipart

Ho-ho-ho it’s Santa at your door! With Santa Clipart from PicsArt it doesn’t matter if you’ve been good or bad, everyone gets a present! And that present is 35 awesome Santa stickers to make your holidays the jolliest they can be. No Christmas photo is complete without at least a little Santa in it, and the Santa Clipart you get is anything but, ahem, little. Go all out and make the jolly old man in red become your holiday partner in crime for whatever shenanigans you’re gonna be up to. And if you need to do a countdown to Santa’s arrival, make use of New Year Clipart and mark off the days! 

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Santa Clipart from PicsArtWho Santa Clipart is for

Do you feel like your holiday pictures are missing something? Do you want to convince your kids that the elusive man in red does in fact exist? Or do you just want to party with the finest dancer in the North Pole? Then Santa Clipart is the surest way to make those fantasies a reality. You don’t need any second looks, just a glance is enough to realize that all you’ve been missing in your life this whole time is him. But don’t stop there, combine Santa clipart with other Christmas clipart packages that will give your pics holiday spirit, and everyone else holiday envy. Dress up with Christmas Costumes Clipart and look the part next to Santa, or put on a little holiday mask with Christmas Makeup Clipart and hit the dance floor together. Don’t forget the glitter and confetti, too! That’s in the Happy New Year Clipart pack.

Santa Clipart by PicsArtSanta Clipart by PicsArt


Examples of Santa Clipart

Santa Clipart has got images of Santa in any situation and pose you can imagine. Hanging down, crawling around, pulling his sack full of gifts, or just lounging around. We’ll let you in on a little secret, you don’t even have to limit yourself to just one Santa. Make it a party! We’ve got enough Santas for everyone! Nobody’s gonna be left without a dance partner. Or are you looking for something a little more official? Make room for one more in your family Christmas postcard, because there’s a jolly fat man that’s gonna be butting in. With Santa Clipart and the PicsArt Photo Editor you have literally a full range of ways you can make Santa fit, even when he’s a tad too bloated around the edges. All that girth makes for a great canvas to add a quote over, find the perfect holiday-themed text overlay in New Year Wishes Clipart.

Santa Clipart Photo Edit PicsArtHow to use Santa Clipart

Tingling to get Santa into your pics? Great, because it’s easier than pushing him down a chimney.

Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor.

  1. Download our Santa Pro sticker pack.
  2. Open the app and tap on “Edit,” then select a photo you want to make awesome.
  3. On the bottom panel, tap on the Sticker icon, and choose your Santa from the Santa Pro pack.
  4. Do you want to have a silly dancing Santa, or stoic serious one? A sleepy Santa or one full of energy? Add the Santa sticker you want.
  5. Rotate your image or sticker to your liking. You can also tap on the eraser button and erase parts that extend out too far.
  6. Tap on “Apply”, that’s it, you have an awesome Santa right in your pic!
  7. Save the image to your device and share on PicsArt so the whole community sees it!
  8. Don’t forget the #Santa hashtag!


How to make your pics even more awesome

PicsArt’s not gonna leave anyone hanging. We know just Santa isn’t always enough, even when there are thirty five (!) varieties of him.  So we’ve made a bunch of other Christmas Clipart packages (and not only) to spruce up your pics with. Not getting much snow? Go for Snowflake Clipart and bring the snowfall to you! Maybe what your image is missing is a little bit of words as a final touch. Winter Clipart has got all the Christmas text overlays and quotes you’ll need to make this the best snowy season ever! And what would the holidays be without an ugly sweater! Christmas Sweaters Clipart pack has the best collection of ugly (yet oh so pretty) holiday sweaters you can get your virtual hands on. So whatever it is you’re looking for, PicsArt’s got it.


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