Sculpture Cutout Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppSculpture Cutout Clipart

Give your pics the classical touch of sculpted stone, with Sculpture Cutout stickers! These fragments of ancient sculptures give your pics the look and style of ancient fine arts.

Choose from different sculpture fractures. Use them on your face and body to make it look like you’re partially made out of white stone. Make yourself into an ancient Greek sculpture.

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Who is Sculpture Cutout Clipart for?

Sculpture is not just for museum lovers or ancient art fanatics, these are for anyone who loves a good photo-editing trick. Make your arm or face petrify into stone. You don’t need fancy skills or know-how on how to use a chisel, stickers are incredibly easy to use.

Where to Sculpture Cutout?

Sculpture Cutout Clipart preview by PicsArt PHoto Editing and Collage Making AppYou don’t need to dive into an ancient Greek shipwreck to get your hands on these broken masterpieces, just search the Add-Ons Shop for the keyword “Sculpture”. You can also scroll through the stickers menu.

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How to use Sculpture Cutout Clipart

Using Sculpture Cutout Clipart is shockingly simple, and just as cool. Really all you have to do is pick a sticker that you want to use, and then drag it so that it lines up with a piece of your body. Make a broken facial piece cover half of your piece until your face is part human, part stone sculpture. Do the same with arms, legs, you name it. Of course, there are always a few tricks to make everything pop.

Customize with Touch

With touch-movements, you can make sure your stickers fit perfectly. Use one finger to move and drag, or grab you clipart with two fingers to adjust size and rotate your stickers.

Other Outfits

If you want to give your look other radical twists, there are other stickers to change your look. Dress as a pirate, give yourself unicorn clipart, or add a party wig. There are countless ways that you can transform your look.

Use the Eraser

These sculpture pieces are already shattered fragments, but you can customize them further with the eraser. Brush off small pieces of stone to make everything fit your form exactly. Use the eraser like a chisel, and you be the sculptor.

Add a Frame!

Make your edits even wilder by adding on a killer frame. There are loads of different frames of every theme. Make your pics gleam with Glitter Frames, step into the rainforest with Tropical Frames, or spread your petals with Floral Frames!

Add Text

Don’t just make awesome visuals, write custom text with the text tool. Go for a sweeping classical font to keep that classic art feel going. Text is a great way to turn an amazing edit into an amazing custom card.

Share and Get Likes

Break the internet with broken sculptures, and make sure you share your finely sculpted edits on Facebook, PicsArt, Instagram, Twitter, and more. You can share anywhere directly from the PicsArt app, and if you add a hashtag and picture location, then you’re even more likely to get attention. That means more likes, followers, and friends!

Get Remixed

Invite others to add their chiseling skills to your sculpture edits by tagging them with the hashtag #freetoedit. When you use that tag, people are allowed to change, edit, and share your pics in a fun creative collaboration. You’ll meet artists from around the world, and see some great original edits.

Remix Your Friends

Turn your friends into stone! Tap the remix button and throw on some Sculpture Cutout stickers. You’ll definitely turn some heads, and not just into stone! Show off your sculpting skills.

Search for Inspiration

Browse around the PicsArt community for ideas and inspiration. Searching artists and hashtags is a great way to open your eyes to new editing horizons. Try searching #sculpture, #fineart, and #museum. You’ll find some amazing stuff.

Follow a Tutorial

Skip sculpting class, and go to editing academy by following a step-by-step tutorial. Try the easy stuff, or kick your editing into high gear with medium and hard tutorials. Each tutorial is easy to follow, but they also teach you some mind-blowing tricks. After a few tutorials, you’ll have new photo-editing superpowers.

Try Out More Stickers!

PicsArt is stacked with great stickers to make cool edits. Try a few, each one can inspire a whole new project.

Get everyone in a good mood with Good Vibes Clipart. Throw on a Crystal Crown or paint your face with Rainbows. Give yourself some magic eyes or shower your photos in shining stars. You can even detonate a Glitter Bomb.

There is so much to see, play with, and experiment with, so have fun seeing what awaits you.

Your move!

Pull out the stone chisel, and download Sculpture Cutout Clipart in the Add Ons Shop today on the PicsArt app!

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