Star Clipart

Stars seem so distant yet so close with Star Clipart! PicsArt has put stars right in your pocket. With just a tap on your phone the whole night sky is in your hands. Give it a try yourself with clipart dedicated to making your pictures appear magical and fascinating just by adding some stars to them. Bring stardust to your life and pictures with this easy-to-use creative clipart pack that will get your photos the marvelous and miraculous look you’ve been longing for.

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Reach for the stars with

Star clipart from PicsArt!

Photo Edit with Star Clipart from PicsArtAre you rocking your dress and makeup and there’s still something missing from making you look like a star on the red carpet?  Want to send a postcard to friends and relatives for a special occasion? Wish for a dream to come true, but can’t catch that elusive falling star? Star Clipart is what you’re looking for! Add some stars to your pics and rock the party look. Add stars to the background, and turn a simple postcard into a holiday-themed one with just a tap! Be sure you catch the falling star and make your wish – all while getting a dreamy, magical picture.


Star Clipart by PicsArtStar clipart that

Takes you to the skies

Be amongst the stars in so many creative ways! Make your look magical by adding small stars into your hair and get the galaxies to make your hairstyle stunning. Or use bigger stars on your hair to act as unique and trendy hairpins and accessories to complete your party look.

Use Star Clipart along with Christmas Makeup Clipart to make your Christmas look awesome and then make the pics stand out with stars that will give you the celebrity look everyone will be drooling over. Use Star Clipart along with Tree Clipart  and get a complete night sky view with  trees reaching for the sky, and stars shining bright back at us. The possibilities are many, time for you to unleash your creativity!

How to use Star Clipart

  1. Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor.
  2. Download our Star Bright Clipart sticker pack.
  3. Open the app and tap on “Edit,” then select a photo you want to make shine bright like a star.
  4. On the bottom panel, tap on the Sticker icon, and choose the star pattern from Star Clipart bundle.
  5. Made up your mind which stars do you want to have? Add the star sticker on your pic.
  6. Adjust the size and opacity to your liking.
  7. Tap on “Apply”, and that’s it, you have stars right in your pic!
  8. Save the image to your device and share on PicsArt so the whole community sees it!

How to make your pics even more awesome

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Stars may seem simple and ordinary, but combining PicsArt’s Star Clipart and creativity you can get awesome and enchanting pictures, so let the star inside of you shine!

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