Summer Lovin’ Clipart

Summer Lovin' clipart edit by picsart photo editing appFall head-over-heals in love with the summer, with this pack of summer-tastic stickers! Whether you love the beach, ice cream, or just need some great slogans to express your love of the season, Summer Lovin’ is there for you. Use these stickers in your vaca photos or to make a card. Update your profile pic. Whatever you want. Give you pics the sweet vibe of summer.

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Who is Summer Lovin’ Clipart for?

Summer Lovin’ Clipart and stickers are for those who enjoy the sunshine, and those who love to hang out with friends and family and head to the beach. No pro editing skills required, you can make something amazing with stickers in a snap on PicsArt.

preview of Summer Lovin' Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing App

Where to Find Summer Lovin’ Clipart?

Find Summer Lovin’ Clipart in the stickers menu. You can also search the Add-Ons Shop. Try the search bar, and track down Summer Lovin’ Clipart at the drop of a hat. Real easy, and super fun.

How to use Summer Lovin’ Clipart

Summer Lovin’ clipart is perfect for any photos or poster designs that could use some of that sunshine of summer fun. Just open the pack in the menu, pick a piece of clipart and drop it in. Real easy stuff, but you can always customize and explore a million other creative directions. PicsArt’s got features for everything.

Moving and Resizing

Drag your stickers around and resize them with touch movement. Use one finger to drag, or two fingers to change your stickers’ size by spreading and pinching. You can also rotate with two-fingers.

Use the Eraser

Use the eraser to chop off bits of stickers and make it look like your beach chairs and cocktails are actually in the photo, not just on top of it. Just open the eraser by tapping the icon, and then brush off bits and pieces.

Blending Ideas

Blend your stickers by reducing the opacity, or tap blend, and scroll to different preset modes.

Mix and Match

Use all of your stickers together to create a summer collage. Mix and match, use beach chairs and ice cream cones, and whatever you want. Throw on a slogan. It’ll be the perfect summer edit.

Add a Lens Flare

Give your pics a heavy dose of sunshine with a lens flare. Make your pics glimmer with summer heat!

Add an Effect

Effects are a cool way to bond your stickers to your photos. Just open the effects meny and try on different looks to alter your color and lighting. Vintage, Dodger, Cross Process, each effect has its own look. All of your summer photos could use a few filters.

Share and Get Likes

Share a bunch of your edits and let everyone see your summer fun. The summer is about coming together to enjoy beautiful weather and fun activities. You can enjoy it even more if you throw creative photo editing on top of everything else.

Post your pics online directly from in the app, share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc, add as many hashtags as you can to maximize your chances of getting likes. Of course, try and follow and like the artists that inspire you. It’s all about give and take.

Get Remixed

Use #freetoedit to invite other artists to transform your pics. Any pic with that hashtag is available to the community for editing, so its the funnest creative tool in your bag. Collaborate and meet other artists.

Remix Your Friends

Tap any photo with #freetoedit tagged on it, and it’ll have a remix button so you can instantly remix their stuff! Think of it as a library of stock photos for you to edit anytime.


Follow great artists! Nothing will inspire you more than following the most amazing group of talented artists you can possibly find. They’ll keep your feed full of great creative art, and inspire you with new techniques.

Follow a Tutorial

The best way to upgrade your editing skills and take your creativity to new heights is by following a PicsArt tutorial. There is an amazing library of cool tips and tricks and each one offers something fresh. Try an easy on, or go for a tutorial that is medium, or even hard. You’ll blow your friends’ minds.

Try More clipart

There’s lots of clipart on PicsArt! Try it all, every pack is loaded with creative possibilities, and it’s a great way to recharge your inspirational batteries. From falling stars, to Balloons, and Pirate clothes, it’s all there. Browse around and see if something lights your creative spark!

Your move!

Download Summer Lovin’ Clipart on PicsArt today to embrace the summer fun. Make your summer never end!

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