Summer Vibes Clipart

Summer Vibes Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppGet clipart for all of your loveliest summer adventures! Whether you wanna get around by scooter or parasail, this pack will bring you to that special summer place. Choose from 30 summer themed stickers! Go camping, hop a hot air balloon, or ride a bike. Express your love of summer with sunny phrases, get you the summer feels.

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Who are Summer Clipart for?

Summer stickers are for anyone who longs for the sunny adventures of the long summer months! If you’re a dreamer for summer vacation, then you’re in the right place. You don’t need to be a photo editing expert! Stickers are as easy as they are fun.

Where to Find Summer Clipart?

Summer Vibes by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppYou don’t need to wait until your calendar gets there, stickers are available in the PicsArt Add-Ons Shop year-round! Tap the Shop icon and then use the search bar by typing “Let’s Ride”, or tap the stickers icon and download them from directly inside the stickers menu.

How to use Summer Clipart

Summer stickers are perfect for your sunniest collages. If you’ve been around the world or are just back from a road trip, decorate your vaca pics, and brighten them up with these fun summer stickers!

To use stickers, open the pack in the menu, choose the sticker that inspires you, and then drag it into place. Use two-finger touch movements to change the size, rotate, and customize. For even more cool features, here are some ideas on how to go head over heels for these summer vibes.

Make a Summer Collage

Not sure how to use our collage maker? Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make the most amazing collage with your summer pics.

Get Into That Summer Vibe

If you really want to give your summer edits that special touch, make your stickers seem like they are behind people and objects inside your pictures. Tap the eraser icon, then, simply just brush off the parts that you want to hide.

Summer Blend

Stickers look cooler when you blend them in! After you pick a cool sticker or phrase, lower the opacity of your picture, or just switch between the preset blending modes.

Mix and Match

Build your themes by choosing different stickers to use together. Mix and match. The right sticker with the right photo can make all the difference.

Add a Lens Flare

If you want to capture that feeling of summer heat, then add a glaring lens flare. Just tap the lens flares button, and give your shots a shot of sunshine.

Share and Get Likes

Don’t keep that summery spirit all to yourself, share those summer vibes! Add hashtags and locations to help your edits have a chance at becoming viral summer sensations!

You can share directly from the app. Just use one touch to select the networks you want to share on, whether it’s Twitter, or PicsArt, or Facebook!

Get Remixed

Let other people edit your photos! Try using our #freetoedit tag to let other artists collaborate and add their own spin. You can start your summer collage and then put your feet up and see what others contribute.

Remix Your Friends

Try adding those summer vibes to your friends pictures. Search out images tagged with #freetoedit and press Remix! Then it’s off to the races. Add your spin and share.

Get Inspired

Browse around to check out other people’s summer pics and get inspired. Search the hashtag #summer or #summervaca, and check out the amazing photography and edits. See how other people are using stickers! You might learn something cool!

Follow a Tutorial

Give a peak to PicsArt’s tutorials and step up your photo editing game. PicsArt let’s you pull of some pretty unbelievable photo-manipulations, and once you give a few a try, you’ll have a whole new way to impress your friends. Whether you want to take it easy or go for the medium or even hard stuff, there’s something for everybody.

Wanna Keep the Vibes Going?

There are so many cool stickers and add-ons to play with, and each one of them is a potential gold mine of creativity and new ideas. So browse and explore, and see what you find!

Raise a Cocktail to go with your warm summer day, or even better, sprinkle on a shower of falling flower petals (yup, we have those too)! Cap off your summer day with fireworks or explode a colorful glitter bomb just for the fun of it!

Give them all a try and experiment. Stickers are a feast for your inspiration.

Your move!

Gear up for the sunny months and download Summer Vibes stickers in the PicsArt Shop today! It’s the perfect time of the year!

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