UFO Clipart

UFO Clipart banner by PicsArt Photo Editing AppCreate edits that are out of this world with UFO clipart and introduce your pics to visitors from galaxies far, far away. Choose from over 20 cartoon alien life forms, each with their own personality and charm. Take your pics into deep space and create intergalactic edits with UFO clipart.

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Who is UFO Clipart for

UFO Clipart is for friends of visitors from other planets. This is not rocket science, so no experience in photo-editing or space travel is require. Anyone can use UFO Clipart, so jump right into the action and set all systems to go for some editing fun.

Where to find UFO Clipart

Put away that deep space telescope, you’ll find UFO Clipart on the PicsArt app, a free all-in-one photo editor that you can download on basically any smartphone or tablet. Just browse the clipart menu in the editor or use the search bar in PicsArt’s in-app Shop.

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UFO Clipart preview by PicsArt Photo Editing AppHow to use UFO Clipart

Landing a piece of UFO Clipart in one of your shots is easy. Just tap the UFO you want to use and drag it into place. You can also rotate and size your clipart anyway you like, and once you get started, you’ll find that editing can suck you in like tractor beam. Still, these editing tips can add light years to your photo-editing fun.

Brush Off

Don’t just slap an alien over your pic like it’s a sticker, stick it right into the middle of things. Tap the eraser icon and brush off bits of your clipart to make it look like your UFO is disappearing between people and objects.

Space Pilots

UFO Clipart doesn’t just have alien characters, but also spaceships. You can add any alien to any spaceship as a pilot by lining up it’s head in the window and erasing the body.


Don’t just make contact with other galaxies, connect with your friends and share your edits. After you finish any edit on PicsArt, you get the automatic option to save and share your images on any social network of your choosing.

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Your move

Blast off today and download UFO Clipart on PicsArt! PicsArt is free to download on phones and tablets across iOS, Android, and Windows.

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