Valentine’s Day Clipart

Be a romantic with Valentine’s Day Clipart! Creativity goes a long way when it comes to making your special someone feel special, and Valentine’s Day Clipart let’s you craft every romantic pic in your smartphone into a declaration of love. From lovebirds to heart candy, these stickers have everything you need to make your valentine blush.

Valentine's Day Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editor and Collage MakerWho Valentine’s Day Clipart is for

Valentine’s Day Clipart is for all the lovebirds out there who aren’t above getting adorable on Valentine’s Day. Your don’t need any experience to use these stickers, so you can just upload a pic and start tagging it with as many hearts as you want.

Where to find Valentine’s Day Clipart

To add Valentine’s Day Clipart to your romantic arsenal, look no further than the PicsArt app. You’ll find Valentine’s Day Clipart by scrolling through the clipart menu or searching the in-app Shop.

Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor and love it!

How to use Valentine’s Day Clipart

Photo Edited with Valentine's Day Clipart from PicsArtUsing Valentine’s Day Clipart is the one thing that you don’t have to worry about going smoothly on Valentine’s Day. Just tap the piece of clipart you want to use in the clipart menu, and then drag and drop it into place, or size and rotate each sticker with your fingers. Still, there’s always more that you can do if you want to go the extra mile for your Valentine.

Make a Card

Use Valentine’s Day Clipart to make your own custom Valentine’s Day card! Use the text tool to write a personal message, and complete your custom card design with Valentine Frames.

Brush Off

Give your romantic edits a professional touch by weaving your Valentine’s Day Clipart behind people and objects in your photos. Tap the eraser icon when you select a sticker, then brush off bits of your sticker to make them look like they are half-hidden in the background.


Don’t keep those romantic feelings to yourself, let everyone know how you feel about your Valentine. After every edit, PicsArt automatically prompts you with a choice of social networks to share on with just a single touch using the hashtag #Valentine. To really make your valentine blush, post your lovey dovey edits directly on their wall.

Other clipart packs?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, PicsArt has you covered. There are loads of romantic themed clipart packs for you to explore this Valentine’s Day, so have a look and make sure that you find the right one for you.

Valentine Messages Clipart is perfect for overlaying your pics with phrases and declarations of your romantic affections. Funny Valentine Clipart let’s you throw out some clever puns to make your Valentine smile and Valentine Frames are perfect for enshrining your best romantic memories together.

Check them all out and pick the one that will make this Valentine’s Day pitch perfect.

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