Yoga Life Clipart

Lyoga Life clipart by picsart photo editing and collage making appine up your inner chi with Yoga Life Clipart! These clipart of yoga sayings and phrases exude that zen lifestyle and are perfect for all of your most zen photos.

Choose from over a dozen sayings, use them for cards, collages, or just any moment when you feel in harmony with your surroundings. Yoga Life is about expressing your love for that calm, peaceful, healthy yoga lifestyle.

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Who are Yoga Life clipart for?

Yoga Life clipart are for anyone who loves that zen vibe. Maybe you don’t do yoga (yet), maybe you can’t even touch your toes, but first you need to get in the right state of mind, then the rest will follow. These clipart are for the yoga minded.

yoga life clipart preview by picsart photo editing and collage making appWhere to find Yoga Life clipart?

The quickest ways to find these yoga sayings and phrases is to open up the Add-Ons Shop. You can find it in the menu (it’s that shopping basket shaped icon). Then all you have to do is search for yoga in the search bar. You can also scroll through the clipart menu until you find Yoga Life clipart.

How to use Yoga Life clipart

Yoga Life clipart are best used by dropping them over a calm and peaceful scene. A subtle touch is best here.

Using clipart is easy. Just open the Yoga Life clipart pack, choose a quote or saying, then drag it until it’s in the right spot. It’s that simple, but you can also push it further. PicsArt’s got loads of features with incredible editing potential.

Adjust with Your Fingers

Drag your clipart around with a single finger, or you can use two fingers to stretch, shrink, or rotate your yoga quotes and phrases.

Blend Your Phrases and Sayings

Blend your clipart into your zen pics, by, after selecting a sticker, reducing the opacity slider to change how transparent you want your sticker to be. You can also go a different route, and try using different blending modes.

Use the Eraser

Put your sayings right into the scene, with some clever erasing. Drop a yoga phrase over a portrait, and then erase the part where the portrait’s head is. It’ll look like your sticker is passing behind your portrait’s head! It’s a cool trick, and you can do it right on your phone.

Make a Collage

Make a collage of your lifestyle. Try putting different pictures of your meditation, yoga, and diet into a zen collage. Then throw on a Yoga Life sticker to tie it all together.

Make it Magic with a Lens Flare

Add a Lens Flare for a final gleaming touch! Lens flares are right in the bottom menu. Grab one and drop it in. Customizing lens flares uses the same finger touch movements that clipart use.

Share and Get Likes

Spread that yoga life by sharing your edits on your favorite social networks! You can share your yoga life pics on any network right from PicsArt. Add hashtags and locations to make sure you get peoples’ attentions. Connect with the yoga community, get likes, and find other zen-minded users. PicsArt is about bringing people together.

Get Remixed

Invite others to put their own spin on your pics by using the #freetoedit hashtag! That tag gives other artists permission to edit your photos, and it’s an awesome opportunity for collaboration. Getting remixed is also a great way to get new likes and followers.

Remix Your Friends

If you have other friends who live that peaceful yoga life, remix their pics with clipart! Slap on a Yoga Life sticker and make it awesome.

Get Inspired

Find inspiration in other artists by browsing PicsArt’s endless feed of awesome images. Search by artists or hashtags. Use the hashtag #yoga, oy #meditation. You’ll find other yoga lovers and also some amazing art. Sometimes, looking around you is the best way to refresh your batteries.

Follow a Tutorial

Step up your photo editing skills with a step-by-step editing tutorial. PicsArt’s got loads of them, and each one teaches you something new. If you’re still new to editing, start things off with an easy tutorial. If you’re already a pretty good editor, go for medium, or even hard tutorials. When you come out the other side, you’ll have newfound editing abilities.

Try More Clipart Packages

Try using other PicsArt clipart, there are a lot of them! Seriously, you can’t think of a theme or occasion that doesn’t have its own themed clipart pack.

Leave the yoga life for adventure, and try Pirate’s Life clipart. Shower yourself in flower petals, light a neon sign, or send up some balloons.

You can find everything in the Add-Ons Shop, so look around and get inspired!

Your move!

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