80s Craze Frames

80s Craze Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppZebra stripes and spray can patterns… it must be the 80s! Send your photos spiraling into the decade of synthesizer music and big hair with these crazy frames.

Choose from 10 edgy 80s designs. Use them for themed prom pictures, zany fashion statements, and any picture of you leaning on an old DeLorean (are there any other kinds?). You can hear the electronic drums already!

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Who are 80s Craze Frames for?

This pack of rad 80s frames are for anyone who is crazy about the 80s (obviously!). If you just can’t get enough of the iconic decade that brought us stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna, well then these frames are absolutely for you. You don’t need to know a thing about editing photos, anyone can use these!

Where to 80s Craze Frames?

80s Craze Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppTo find 80s Craze Frames, you don’t need to ride a DeLorean back in time, just check out the Frames menu or the Add Ons Shop. Scroll around or plug “80s” directly into the search bar.

How to use 80s Craze Frames

When using these frames, it’s best to go all out. If you’ve got some ripped mom jeans, hairspray, or anything made out of leather, wear it! You’ll have the most 80s portrait ever.

Using frames is easy. Open the pack, pick a frame, and then just move the photo into alignment by using two-finger touch movements. Of course, PicsArt is an all-one-app, that lets you then take your photo in all kinds of exciting new directions.


Preview Your Frames

Don’t quit out every time you want to try on a new frame, it’s not necessary! There’s a little frames icon that pops up on the menu after you select your frame, and when you tap it, it brings you right back into the menu. Tada!

Hit it with Neon

Neon was huge in the 80s, and it so happens, we’ve got a whole bunch of neon stickers for you. Neon lights, neon signs, browse around and plug Neon into the Shop’s searchbar for some cool options. That colorful neon glow is the perfect final touch.

Makeup Your Portraits

Part of the fun of the 80s was outrageous makeup, and boy do we have something special. Try our Holographic Makeup stickers!

Crazy Hairdo

Get some crazy hair for your crazy 80s frames. Try our party wig stickers and get in touch with your inner Madonna.

Make it Shine with Lens Flare

The 80s was not a decade of restraint. Give your photo that final gleaming touch by dropping in a blinding lens flare (they’re in the bottom menu of the editor)!

Share and Get Likes

Take everyone back to the 80s with you and be sure that you share your awesome 80s edits! After you add your frame, post your pics online! You can post right to PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter, and more right from the app menu. Make sure that you take advantage of hashtags and locations, and give yourself the best chance of going viral!

Get Remixed

Pay homage to the birth of hip hop music, and offer up your photos to remixing (get it, like how they remixed old music into classic beats)! Tag images with #freetoedit, it’s like an open invitation for anybody to come along and try to edit your pics. It’s fun, collaborative, and people surprise you!

Remix Your Friends

Give your friends the 80s treatment and make an 80s style poster with other peoples’ pics. Just search out any photo that has the #freetoedit hashtag, and tap remix. Let your imagination off the leash.

Get Inspired

Not sure what to do? Take a little tour of what’s out there for inspiration! Search relevant hashtags, make them 80s themed weather its #hairspray, #80s, #leatherjacket. Get creative in your searches, for creative inspiration.

Follow a Tutorial

If you need a bit of guidance, PicsArt tutorials can very quickly open up your horizons to some seriously rad photo editing tricks. Get walked through the steps of all kinds of magical effects and cool transformations. There are tutorials for every level, so try easy, medium, or take on the challenge of going for something hard. No matter what you do, you’ll get a sense of what’s possible.

Crave More Frames?

If you love frames, PicsArt has one for every occasion! There are loads of cool frames to help you present your photos in the best light, or give them the added touch of a cool theme.

Leave the cool edgy edits for the tropics with Tropical Frames, or finally get the right place for your selfies with Selfie Frames. Get glamorous with Glitter Frames!

Browsing is tons of fun, so enjoy looking around!

Your move!

Embrace the 80s and download 80s frames today on the PicsArt app!

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