BFF Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppBFF Frames

Got a BFF? Well show some love with BFF Collage Frames! These frames are specially designed to celebrate awesome moments with your closest friends.

Choose from 10 friendship themed collage frames! Use photos through the years for old friends, or just get together a bunch of shots of you and your buds on an unforgettable night out. BFF Collage Frames are about showing the world what friendship is all about.

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Who are BFF Collage Frames for?

If you got some really awesome friends, BFF collages are for you. Celebrate the friends who have stuck with you through thick and thin!

BFF Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing AppWhere to Find BFF Collage Frames?

When it’s time to make a collage, pick frames and track down BFF Collage frames right there in the menu, you can download them on the spot. Really special friends are rare and hard to find, but you can find these frames in a flash.

How to use BFF Collage Frames

BFF Collage Frames are perfect for friendship collages of all kinds. Just select a frame, pick your photos, and then swap them around by dragging them with your finger. You can also use two fingers to stretch and rotate pics. When you’re making your collage, however, keep in mind all of the amazing things that PicsArt lets you do.

Preview Your Frames Instantly

When you’re previewing your BFF frames, don’t leave the menu every time you’re thinking of trying a different frame. You can actually tap the frame icon, and it bring you right back into the BFF Collage Frame menu.

Make a Friendship Card

How often do you give friends cards? This is your chance! Let your friends know what it means to you that they’ve always stuck by your side.

Add Effects

Make all your best friendship pics really pop, try on different filters and effects. Tap the effects icon, and see your pics look with other color palettes, styles, and even more drastic transformations. Whether you want to go for a vintage look, or try black and white, effects offer instant transformations.

Add Stickers

When you’re with your friends, it’s time to get silly! Try a funny wig, try a colorful makeover, or give your faces streaks of rainbow light. Stickers let you dress, decorate, and express yourself in all sorts of cool ways.

Go for the Lens Flare

Get that final gleaming touch, and choose a lens flare from the bottom menu! Lens flares give photos that glimmering sun kissed polish.

Share and Get Likes

Make sure that everyone knows who your BFF really is, and share your friendship collages on all of your favorite social networks, like PicsArt, Facebook, and Instagram. Hashtags and locations help get you likes and followers, and who know when you’ll have a photo go viral! You can share from the app when you finish your edit, just press the checkmark and you’ll be taken to a sharing menu.

Get Your Pics Remixed

Invite the community to remix your shots by throwing on the hashtag #freetoedit, which releases your photo for whoever wants to try and edit them with their own creative twist. When you share your photos with editors, you get followers, likes, and collaborate with creatives from around the globe.

Remix Your Friends

When you remix other people, you get to show what you can do and make a cool creative connection. It’s really easy to do. When you see the hashtag #freetoedit, tap the remix button.

Get Inspired

See what people are making around the PicsArt community by searching hashtags. Nothing charges your batteries like browsing awesome images. Try #BFF, #friends, and #friendship!

Try a Tutorial

Learn new tricks with step by step tutorials! PicsArt tutorials teach you how to blow your friends away with some amazing creative projects. There are tutorials for easy, medium or hard levels, so give them all a shot. You’ll become an instant expert, and people will be wondering when you became such an amazing photo editor!

More Frames!

All of the frames on PicsArt cover a different style or theme! Look at what’s available, and get ideas. The options are endless, so there’s loads to sink your teeth into.

Go for a classic look with Floral Frames, for that vintage wallpaper flowers look. Go on the loner road with Selfie Frames, or juice up the glam with Glitter Frames. Beyond frames, you can also try backgrounds! Try for a latino theme with Fiesta Backgrounds, send your collages up in the air with Sky Backgrounds, or cook up something yummy with Cupcake Background.

Exploring alone is lots of fun, so browse and see what you find.

Your move!

Ready to make the most amazing friendship collage? Download BFF frames today on PicsArt!

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