Cute Frames

Cute Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppSee how adorable you can go with Cute Frames! Choose from over a dozen frames that let you express all of your fuzziest feelings. These frames come in pinks, purples, and other fun colors, and are neatly inscribed in sweet phrases and sayings, so you can get as cute as you need to.

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Where to find Cute Frames

You’ll find Cute frames in PicsArt’s frame menu. Just tap the frame icon on the menu bar of the editor. To download them, you can also search the name directly in the in-app Shop. That’s the little shopping basket icon at the far right corner.

Cute Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and COllage making AppWho Cute Frames are for

Cute Frames are for anyone who likes to just embrace the adorable side of life. You don’t need any editing experience, with PicsArt, frames are easy enough for anyone to use.

How to use Cute Frames

Cute Frames are great for pics that are pretty, sweet, or girly in any way. Just upload a pic into the editor and tap the frame icon. Scroll over to Cute Frames, pick a frame, and that’s really all there is to it. If you want to do more, PicsArt has loads of options for tweaks and extra flashes.

Make it Fit

If your Cute Frame isn’t lined up, it’s all about two finger motions. Spin your fingers to rotate, pinch to shrink, and spread to enlarge.

Preview Frames

Don’t cancel and start over every time you want to try a different Cute Frame. You can switch between frames to for an instant preview. After picking a frame, tap the little frame icon next to the cancel button, and you can instantly choose a new frame.


Pop Up

Make text and clipart pop out of the edges of your frame! Whether you’re sending off some balloons or adding some quotes, play with how they overlap on the edges to make it look like they’re popping out from below your frame.


Share your cutest pics to all your fave social networks directly from within the PicsArt app. After you’ve finished adding a Cute Frame, confirm your edit by tapping the checkmark. The next menu let’s you choose a network so you can go straight to posting your pics online.

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Other goodies?

When it comes to clipart, backgrounds, and frames, PicsArt has more than enough to fuel your inspiration for hours.

Keep it cute with Love Clipart or Love Quotes, to pepper your edits in heartfelt stickers, or use Kiss Clipart to cover them in kisses. Make your pics sparkle and shower them in Star Clipart, or set them off in a colorful blaze of fireworks with Fireworks Clipart.

PicsArt is bottomless when it comes to frames, backgrounds, and clipart, so be sure to explore, experiment, and create. Stumbling into something cool can lead to endless creative fun.

Your move

Make it adorable and download Cute Frames on PicsArt today! PicsArt is free to download on phones and tablets across iOS, Android, and Windows.

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