Earth Day 2017

Earth Day Frames by PicsArt Collage Making AppMake sure you’re ready for Earth Day 2017 with this pack of frames that celebrate our awesome planet. These ten frames are inspired by the amazing landscapes of Earth, from snow-capped mountain ranges to lush green forests.


These designs have a trendy modern look to them that works for almost any nature pic. They also come with quotes and phrases to help you express your love for our planet, and desire to keep it beautiful and thriving for future generations.

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Who are Earth Day Frames for?

Earth Day Frames by PicsArt Collage Making AppEarth Day 2017 is for anyone who loves nature and cares about the future of our planet. Use these frames on your best landscape pics and remind everyone of what a beautiful and fragile place we live in! You don’t need special editing skills, using frames on PicsArt is really easy.

Where to Find Earth Day 2017?

Find these majestic Earth Day frames in the PicsArt Shop or in the Frames menu. Just tap the Frames icon and scroll through the menu, or simply plug “Earth” into the search bar. If you don’t have the pack yet, you can download these Earth Day frames directly from the menu!

How to use Earth Day Frames

To add an Earth Day frame to one of your pics, open the pack in the Frames menu, choose the frame you want to use, and line it up so that it fits perfectly over your photo. Don’t stop there, with PicsArt, you there’s loads of ways to customize and take things further.

Try On A Few

Previewing frames is quick and easy with PicsArt. Don’t quit back to the menu to try on a new frame! After you pick a frame, you can go back to the last menu by tapping the frame icon on upper menu bar.

Make a Poster

Earth Day frames are perfect for poster making, and they’re an absolute must-have if you’re one of those amazing people that gets involved and organizes events to save the planet (you’re our hero!).

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Make a Special Collection

Make an Earth Day 2017 collection on your profile page! Collections are a great way to remember important occasions and awesome memories..

Add Text

Do you have your own Earth Day message? Well PicsArt has some really bold and impressive ways to help you send your message loud and clear. Integrate your text into the landscape with our quick-and-easy tutorial.

Make Your Own Planet

For a slightly more advanced, but super cool companion project to fit in your frame, try making a tiny planet of your own! It’s a fun and creative way to represent a beautiful landscape near you, just take a landscape photo and wrap into a really walkable little planet. Find out how and follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Share and Get Likes

Earth Day is a time when everyone gets together to make a difference and spread awareness, so don’t keep your Earth Day edit to yourself! Share your edits directly from the app!

Be sure to add hashtags and a location to get likes and give yourself a shot at going viral. PicsArt lets you upload on all of your favorite social networks when you post an edit, so spread the love.

Get Remixed

Tap #freetoedit when you share and make your image available for remixing, and see how other people edit your images. Add an Earth Day 2017 frame, then see where others take it from there.

Any image with the #freetoedit tag can be edited and shared by other users. Throw something out there and see what happens.

Remix Your Friends

Remix someone else’s festival photo for a fun and creative way to put your artistic thumbprint on Earth Day. Just tap Remix on any photo that pops up in your feed, and start editing.

Get Inspired

Search the hashtag #EarthDay and check out all of the creative ways that people are getting involved. Share with like-minded people who care about the planet.

Add Stickers!

You may have the frames down, but if you want more nature inspired add-ons for your Earth Day edits, PicsArt has enough stickers and clipart to fuel your creativity for hours and hours.

Add some green to your photos with Tree Clipart, or make your edits blossom with Flower Clipart. There’s also loads of animals and wildlife in the app, with everything from owls to dogs. Butterfly Clipart is always a nice touch to finish your edits off with a colorful pair of flapping wings.

There’s something for everybody on PicsArt, and half the fun is browsing, so take a look around and follow your inspiration. You never know what you might stumble into.

Your move!

Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with these beautiful frames, and download them on Picsart today!

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