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Some classics never get old! Frame your pics in floral wallpaper with this colorful pack of throwback frames. Choose from 10 different frame and flower styles, with vintage patterns and retro color palettes.

Try them on today, and make sure that your friends stop and smell the roses.

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Who are Floral Frames for?

Floral frames are for anybody who gets swept up in the nostalgic charm of floral patterns. These frames are old-fashioned in the best kind of way, but there just waiting for you to use them for something new and cool! No editing skills are required, using frames on PicsArt is super easy.

Where to Find Floral Frames?

Floral Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppIn the Frames menu, you can choose whatever package you want by simply tapping the Frames icon and browsing through the menu, or by searching “Floral” in the search bar. In the middle of working? No problem! Download them directly from the editor.

How to use Floral Frames

Floral Frames are perfect for decorations, collages, and adding a generally flowery vibe to any pic. Select the frame you want from the menu, then use your fingers to position it in the best way possible. With PicsArt, there’s always a lot more creative stuff you can with, and loads of exciting features:

Preview Your Frames Quickly

To preview a frame, you don’t need to close out the menu and start all over every time. After you have selected a particular frame, you can then tap on the frames icon, which will bring you right back to the frames menu.

Make a Card

Floral frames are perfect for retro cards. Write out a personalized message with the Text tool, and print it out so you can mail it!

Add Effects

Go retro to the end, and give your portraits an old-school look to match these timeless frames. The Vintage Effect and Retro Effect are obvious choices, or you can go full-on black and white.

Add Stickers

Stickers are an awesome way to compliment and enhance you frames edits. Not enough flowers for ya? Give yourself a stylish Flower crown, or make it rain a shower of Flower petals. You can also go in the complete opposite direction, and contrast your floral wallpaper with Neon Signs and Unicorn Makeup Clipart. Stickers are always there give you new creative ideas.

Try Adding a Lens Flare

Give your pics a gleaming finish by adding a lens flare! You’ll find them in the bottom menu of the editor. Just open flares, pick one you like, and then drop it into place!

Share and Get Likes

If you’re going to be using lovely floral patterns, be sure that everyone sees your blossoming new art. Share instantly from the PicsArt app, it’s quick and easy.

Make sure you add unique hashtags and include location info so that people can find and like your stuff. You can share to all of your fave social networks with a single touch. Post them on PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter, and so much more. Spread them around, you never know when you might go viral.

Get Remixed

By adding the #freetoedit tag to your photos, you give other artists permission to edit your stuff. It’s a great way to collaborate, meet new friends, get new followers, and see what what kinds of awesome ideas are out there.

Remix Your Friends

Remixing other people’s work is also a great way to connect, collaborate, and share, so don’t hesitate to search out #freetoedit images, and throw on some Floral Frames.

Get Inspired

You can get a lot of inspiration by exploring the PicsArt community. Search hashtags like #FloralFrames and see what comes up. You’ll get ideas, learn techniques, and get inspired!

Follow a Tutorial

If photo editing is something new for you, try check out our tutorials to see all of the amazing things that you can do, right from your phone.

If you’re a complete beginner, check out our easy stuff. If you want to bite off something a little more challenging, try our medium or hard tutorials. When you’re done, you’ll have amazing new photo editing powers!

More Frames!

PicsArt has so many amazing Frames, that you don’t want to just settle for Floral ones. You can find themes for almost every holiday, occasion, or fad, we pack it in when it comes to always keeping the Shop stocked with something new, fresh and fun!

Vintage Frames are a great way to keep things old school, or you can get the party started with festive Party Frames. There are endless choices, and you can also try browsing backgrounds to backdrop your pics in blue a sky or a cosmic scene from outer space.

There’s so much fun stuff to explore so take a good look around!

Your move!

Give your pics the most charming floral frame today on PicsArt!

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