Glitter Frames by PicsArt Collage Making AppGlitter Frames

Make your pics shine with these super flashy Glitter Frames! There’s no better way to frame your pics in wall to wall to glitter.

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Choose from 20 sparkly themes until you find your color and style. This pack is definitely about the glitz and glam, so be sure to use these on only your fiercest pics.

Who are Glitter Frames for?

Glitter frames are for anyone who doesn’t shy away from a bit of flash. This is definitely about having fun, so don’t worry about your editing skills or anything like that. Using stickers on PicsArt is easy enough for anyone to handle.

Where to Find Glitter Frames?

Glitter Frames by PicsArt Collage Making AppFind Glitter frames in the PicsArt Shop or in the Frames menu. Just tap the Frames icon and scroll through the menu, or simply plug “Glitter” into the search bar. If you don’t have this pack yet, you can download while you’re creating directly from the menu in the editor!

How to use Glitter Frames

Glitter Frames are perfect for popping off your party photos and giving your pics a dose of golden glamor. This is about embracing your gotti side.

To add a Glitter frame to one of your pics, open a pic, choose the glitter frame that sparkles brightest to you, and line it up. With PicsArt, you don’t have to stop there. There are loads of creative ways to make your pics awesome.

Switch Frames Quickly

Don’t cancel your edit just to try on a different frame. After selecting a frame, all you have to do is just hit the frame icon to get thrown right back into the menu. Then pick another one and repeat.

Make a Poster

Glitter frames are perfect for flyers or posters, especially if they’re to spread the word on a particularly glamorous occasion. When people see glitter, they bring their A-game.

Add Text

Add text with this awesome tutorial that shows you how to use the text tool to make your text fit in seamlessly with your edits.

Add Stickers

Don’t stop at frames, take things further with PicsArt Stickers. Not enough glitter for ya? Make it rain glitter with Glitter Bomb stickers. Set off fireworks, unleash balloons, or give yourself a party wig. Stickers are endless fuel for your inspiration.


Add a Flare for Flash

Still need more flash? If you really want your pic to shine, add a lens flare! You’ll blind your followers, but the last thing they see will totally make it totally worth it.

Add a Flare for Flash

If the glare of glitter isn’t enough for you, you can really make your pics shine, by adding a lens flare! You’ll blind your followers, but the last thing they see will totally make it totally worth it.

Share and Get Likes

There’s no point in embracing your flashy side if no one is around to see it. Shower the web in gotti glitter and share your edits! No point in being shy now.

Add as many hashtags as you can think of, the more hashtags a photo has, the better its chances are of getting seen. Same goes for Locations, make sure you include them!  Share on all of your favorite social networks, it’s really quick and easy to do from the PicsArt menu.

Get Remixed

Tap #freetoedit if you want to get remixed, and by that, we mean if you want others to be able to edit your photo. It’s a great way to collaborate and get likes. Plus, you get to see what cool ideas people have for your photos.

Remix Your Friends

If you need photos to fuel your editing projects, then just browse the PicsArt app. Any photo tagged with #freetoedit will have a remix button on it. Tap that button to edit their photo!

Get Inspired

Take a look at all the amazing edits and ideas that are being posted daily in the PicsArt app. Every day, thousands of new mind-blowing edits are shared, and every single one is a potential source of inspiration for you. You never know what cool trick you might discover.

Follow a Tutorial

If you’re still getting the hang of this editing thing, try following a step-by-step PicsArt tutorial to walk you through something cool, new, and absolutely exciting. There is a tutorial for every skill level, whether you want them easy, medium, or hard. Give em a shot!

More Frames!

There’s lots more on PicsArt than just glitter frames!

Keep the fun going with Party Frames, get sassy with Bachelorette Frames, or go for something a little more traditional with Vintage Frames. You can also try a background instead of a frame to backdrop your pics with an open sky or even a stellar outer space theme.

Your move!

Make it rain glitter from wall to wall, and download Glitter Frames today! Give your pics that signature sparkle and show off your glamorous side, because everything’s better with glitter.

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