Minimal Frames

Minimal Frames by PicsArt PHoto Editing and Collage Making AppKeep it simple with Minimal Frames. These frames use simple geometry and a black and white color palette to give your pics a touch of minimalist design. It’s amazing what a few purposeful lines can do for a photo.


Use them on your profile pic, design a poster, or even make a collage. Choose from over 10 frames. Simplify your life with great design.

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Who are Minimal Frames For?

Minimal Frames are for anyone who loves the simple things and likes to declutter their edits. It’s about having a light touch with a big impact, and you don’t even need crazy editing skills. Anyone can use Minimal Frames, it’s easy!

Where to Find Minimal Frames?

Minimal Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppFind Minimal Frames in the Add Ons Shop on the far left end of the menu. Just tap it, and then plug minimal into the search bar. It’s that easy. You can also search out these amazing minimal frames by jst scanning through what’s in the Frames menu.

How to use Minimal Frames

Minimal Frames have lots of purposes. They’re great for all kinds of design, whether it’s a book cover, poster, or fashion shoot. Minimal Frames just bring that fabulous air of high design to anything you apply them to.

Using a Minimal Frame is as easy as selecting a photo, tracking down the frame you want to use, and then centering it with your fingers. Really, that’s the nuts and bolts of it. There are loads of possibilities to explore however. Here are just a few cool ideas worth exploring.

The Basics

First things first. Almost all of your fitting and changing is done with simple touch movements. One finger for dragging or two fingers for resizing and rotating. Easy peazy.

Throw On Some Effects

Either before or after you apply your frame, you definitely want to look into adding an effect. Something like the Drama effect can heighten the power of your light shadows, whereas an effect like Vintage Ivory can give your photos a glossy white glow that would compliment these designer frames.

Make a Collage

Of course, these frames are for individual photos, but those photos can look great in a collage! Open a background from within the editor, choose photos to add, and then, think about which photos could be enhanced with Minimal Frames. You could even finish your collage, and then add a Minimal Frame over the whole thing in the end to tie it all together.

Add Stickers

Stickers are a great way to cap off an editing session. Floating lanterns can add an Eastern touch to your minimal edits, or you can break up the peaceful simplicity with something crazy like a Glitter Bomb or barrage of fireworks! Stickers aren’t just creative sparks, they’re really just tons of fun.

Share and Get Likes

Make the world a simpler place and release your minimalist edits out into it — share! Share everywhere, not just on PicsArt, but on Facebook, Twitter, you name it. You can pick your favoritie social networks right from the app’s menu.

Add hashtags to make it easier for people to find your edits, and add locations to connect with nearby artists.

Get Remixed

Invite other artists to remix your pics by tagging them with #freetoedit. This way, they can download, twist, and repost your edits with a whole new look. You can see all the different things that everyone did, making this a fun collaborative process, and also a great way to connect with new followers.

Remix Your Friends

Need to find the perfect photo to go with your Minimal Frames? Well browse the hashtag #freetoedit, you have permission to edit all of those pics. Try your frames on various pics until you find one that looks best.

Seek Inspiration

Browse your feed for interesting pics and ideas. Follow users that inspire you to see more of their stuff. Search hashtags to see what other #minimal designs are out their. Picsart is a goldmine for inspiration.

Follow a Tutorial

Not experienced in the art of photo-editing? Well PicsArt’s got your back with a slew of step-by-step tutorials to walk you through some fairly spectacular editing tricks. Try easy, medium, or hard tutorials, work your way through them one at a time. Do enough and you’ll be an expert.

More Frames and Backgrounds to Try!

On PicsArt, you have SO many different frames and backgrounds that you can try for edits and collages.

Got selfies? Try Selfie Frames! Been around the world? Well, frame your travel pics with Travel Time Frames. Got some great beach shots? Try Tropical Frames for that Caribbean twist.

Backgrounds can do just as much, taking your photos past the Sky and way out into Space even!

There’s lots to see, so take your time and get a good long look at what’s out there. PicsArt is full of surprises!

Your move!

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