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Nature Frames

Celebrate this planet with nature frames! Nature Frames are all about protecting our planet and spreading awareness for the importance of conservation. They feature cool slogans about the importance of conserving nature. Let your voice be heard!

Spread the word on why it’s so important that we make a greater effort to protect the resources and nature that we depend on for life. Use art to spread the word on saving the planet!

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Who are Nature Frames for?

Nature frames are for nature lovers (obvi). If you look around and feel concerned about the future of this planet, then these frames are here to help give you a voice. You don’t need to have special editing skills, just give em shot, frames are simple to use.

Where do I find Nature frames?

Nature Frames by PicsArt PHoto Editing AppNature Frames are in the frames menu (as if we needed to tell you), but you’ll track them down more quickly by using the search bar in the Add Ons Shop! The Shop is on the far left end of the menu (that shopping basket icon) so open it up and plug “Nature Frames” into the search.

How do I use Nature Frames?

Using Nature Frames is a lot easier than saving the planet, just find the frames in the menu, choose the one you like best, and then fit your photos into place. Use them on photos of your nature hikes, use them on healthy food pics, or just throw them on great scenery that you think is worth preserving. Of course, you can always add more and use PicsArt features to take things to a whole new level.

Fitting Your Frames

Fit your photos into place by using touch movements. One finger to drag, or you can change size by pinching and spreading your thumb and forefinger.

Add Effects

Make sure your pics really look their best by using PicsArt effects. PicsArt effects have all kinds of filters, from subtle tweaks to full-blown transformations. Every effect has different levels of color, contrast, sharpness and more to make your pics pop. Try any effect from Retro filters to black and white.

Lens Flares

Use a lens flare to make your pics shine. Lens flares come in different colors and levels of brightness. Find one you like and throw it in.

Text Tool

Write out phrases and slogans to make your edits pop! Try throwing in some statistics and facts to help raise awareness even more.

Preview Frames

Switch between frames easily by tapping the frame shaped icon on the top menu after you selected a frame. You won’t need to quit out every time you want to try a new frame. It’ll take you right back into the menu.

Set it off with Clipart

Continue your nature theme by throwing in stickers! You can always add more stickers to decorate and enhance your edits! Shower your pics in flower petals, or grow some animal ears. Keep the nature theme rolling.

Share and Get Likes

When it comes to spreading awareness, you’re not going to get very far without sharing! Keep on sharing, and post your nature edits to PicsArt and Twitter, and Facebook.

Post them everywhere, and use hashtags to make sure that you’re casting a wide net. Add location tags too. The more you share the more likes you’ll get. Be sure to follow other PicsArtists too, you’ll be happy to see their cool stuff in your feed. Plus, it’s good karma!

Get Remixed

With #freetoedit, it’s like putting a up a flag that says “edit this!”. It’s the funnest way to collaborate with artists around the world, share creativity, and also share the common cause of nature conservation.

Remix Your Friends

Search out #freetoedit, and get unlimited access to photos for editing. It’s an endless supply of creative material.

Seek Inspiration

Use the app to mine inspiration. There’s loads of awesome photography, drawing, photo-editing, and more constantly being shared every day. Follow great artists and be on the lookout for amazing stuff.

Follow a Tutorial

Go back to basics and follow a PicsArt tutorial! You can follow a tutorial that’s easy, medium, or hard, so pick one that’s your speed. You’ll learn all about the app and easy ways to use features in ways that would never have even occurred to you.

Other Add Ons?

Browse around for different stickers, frames, and backgrounds!

Make your friends laugh and make a funny meme with Meme Clipart. Find a new wild style with Unicorn Makeup Clipart. Send your photos into the past with Vintage Frames or get the party started with Party Frames.

Your move

Save the planet and download Nature Frames on PicsArt today!

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