Polaroid Love Frames

Polaroid Love Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing AppGive your best couples pics a touch of nostalgic romance with Polaroid Love Frames. These frames give your pics the look and shape of a polaroid with extra little love inspired designs and phrases sprinkled in.


Choose from over a dozen frames, and use for anniversary cards, love collages, are just to make your partner blush. Give them a spontaneous romantic edit.

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Who are Polaroid Love Frames for?

Polaroid Love Frames are for anyone who loves their partner as much as they love that nostalgic polaroid feel. If you’ve got a stash of awesome couples pics, these are for you, regardless of your photo-editing experience. Using frames is super easy on PicsArt!

Polaroid Love Frames by PicsArtWhere to Find Polaroid Love Frames?

Finding Polaroid Love Frames is a lot easier than finding your perfect match, just search in the Add Ons Shop. That’s that little shopping basket icon on the far left, tap it and plug “polaroid” into the searchbar. You can also scroll around the Frames menu until your find these polaroid shaped frames.

How to use Polaroid Love Frames

Polaroid Love Frames are great for just any photo with your special someone, but something about polaroids is just tailor-made for awesome collages.

The basics of how to add a frame are to pick a photo, find the frame you want to use, tap it, and then fit your photo into place — presto! That’s really all there is to it, but PicsArt has lots of awesome features that open up so many cool possibilities.

Preview Frames Fast

Quickly switch out frames and try on different ones without quitting out and canceling every time. After you have selected a frame, if you don’t like the look of it, tap the frames icon on the top menu again and just choose a new frame. That’s all you gotta do.

How to Make a Polaroid Collage

Instead of starting with a photo, when it’s time to choose a photo, press that checkerboard square icon to open the backgrounds menu. Choose a good background for pinning up polaroids, then select your photos. You can then add frames to each photo one at a time by tapping each photo and then selecting the frames icon!

Add Stickers

Express your love with love stickers! Get stung by cupid’s arrow with Cupid Clipart, blow a kiss with Kiss Clipart, or express your feelings with Love Quotes. There are so many romantic stickers packs in the Stickers menu, and stickers are always the perfect finishing touch for any edit.

Try Adding a Lens Flare

For that extra touch of magic, add a bright lens flare for just a bit of added sunshine. It helps bring out the twinkling inner feelings.


Share and Get Likes

Shout your love from the rooftops! Okay that’s a little much, but you can at least share it online. Post your love edits on social media. You can share on PicsArt, Facebook, and more directly from PicsArt, and if you also add a hashtag and location, people are sure to stumble on your pics. That means more likes, and followers!

Get Your Pics Remixed

Let other people edit your polaroid by tagging them with #freetoedit. It’s essentially a permission slip for anyone to take a crack at editing your photos.

Be the remixer

Remix other people’s pics with Polaroid Love Frames! Some photos of happy couples are just perfect for these, so give them a shot and tap the Remix button.

Get Inspired

Search the PicsArt community for new ideas and notes of inspiration! Maybe see what your following is up to, or search hashtags, or see what’s trending!

Try a Tutorial

Go back to school and follow a PicsArt  tutorial to step up your editing game. Tutorials break down, step-by-step how to make the most mind-blowing, spectacular photo-manipulations.You can try easy tutorials to just see all the quick and simple things you can make. Or really push it and try a medium or hard tutorial. After doing a few, you’ll realize that you’ve suddenly gone pro!

More Frames!

PicsArt has loads of awesome frames, so browse them all and see what grabs you.

Go old school with Vintage Frames to keep that nostalgia train chugging along, or get festive with Party Frames. You can also experiment with backgrounds to create collages over backdrops showing the sky or even outer space.

There’s so much fun stuff to explore so take a good look around! When you find a great pack of frames, backgrounds, or stickers, it can add hours of creative time to your schedule.

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Your move!

Get your Polaroid Love Frames on PicsArt today and give your romance a nostalgic design twist!

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