Travel Time Frames

Travel Time Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppShare your day with Travel Time Frames, and make collages that chronicle the morning, noon, and night of your favorite vaca days. Travel time is about presenting your daily itinerary in stylish fashion.

Choose from 10 collage frame designs! Share iconic destinations, awesome meals, and timeless campfires. Highlight your very best pics from your amazing travels. Make sure that your travel time lasts forever.

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Who are Travel Time Collage Frames for?

A lot of amazing things can happen in a day if you’re out in the world taking on bold adventures. At the end of the day, if you feel like you’ve seen so much and want to send a summarizing collage, Travel Time collage frames are for you!

You don’t need to know a whole lot about editing, collage frames are easy enough for anybody to figure out!

Where to Find Travel Time Collage Frames?

Travel Time Frames by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making App Looking for the Travel Time collage frames? Well they’re in the collage menu (duh!). How do you get there? Well press the plus sign to open the editing menu, and then tap the collage button and scroll over to Travel Time.

How to use Travel Time Frames

Save your best photos, and drop them into your frames at the end of the day to show everyone where you’ve been. Highlight the who, what, when and where! Share your most amazing meals, most breathtaking scenery, and silliest selfies captured around the world.

To use a collage frame, all you have to do is pick a frame and choose your photos. Drag them around to alternate which one goes where?

Want even more traveling packs? You are in the right place! Use Traveler’s Diary Clipart to express your wanderlust with a set of cute little stickers, or use Traveling with Love Clipart set and find super adorable stickers and saying for sharing your trip with your significant other!

Line them up

To adjust your photos within the frame, use two-finger movements. You can shrink, rotate, and resize them. Choose one part of your photos to focus in on. Get up close on that beach sunset and really take people’s breath away.

Hit it with an effect

PicsArt effects let you tweak, transform, and enhance your photos! Tap the Effects button and browse around. It’s a great way to make your photos really look their best. Try a subtle filter, or go for a slightly more drastic change.

Make it Shine with a Flare

Nothing makes your sunsets sparkle like a glimmering lens flare. After you make your Travel Time collage, tap the lens flare button and add a bright shining affair to make everything gleam.

Try Text

Leave a personal message! Tap the text icon and write out something to drop into your collage. Customize text by font, color, or size. Add a shadow, or use the eraser to blend your letters into your picture.

Add Stickers

You can add a lot more than text and lens flares. Stickers are an endless supply of photo-editing inspiration for all of your artistic creations. Detonate a Glitter Bomb, release some balloons, or take your travels to China with floating lanterns. There’s nothing you can’t find here.

Share and Get Likes

If you’re going to some incredible places, share those awesome experiences! You won’t get many chances to take photos like these, and Travel Time collage frames are the perfect way to display them for all to see.

Share them on PicsArt, Twitter, or Facebook! Add your vacation hashtags and tag locations so people can find you!

Get Remixed

Don’t travel alone, take people with you! Add the hashtag #freetoedit to let artists put their creative thumbprints all over your travel pics. The #freetoedit hashtag lets people edit your photos and share those edits, so you get to see what they’ll come up with. You’ll also collaborate with cool people from all over the world.

Remix Your Friends

Haven’t been anywhere recently? Remix your friends travel pics! They’ll appreciate your creative involvement in their travel pics.

Seek Inspiration

Explore PicsArt to browse travel pics and get some inspiration for both your photgraphy skills as well as your editing. Get creative with the hashtags you search! Try #travel, #vaca, #summerbreak. You’ll get some stunning results.

Follow a Tutorial

With tutorials, you can very quickly achieve some pretty spectacular editing feats. In just moments, you can learn to create some amazing photo-manipulations. From easy to hard, find a tutorial that’s your speed, and get inspired.

Try Other Frames and Backgrounds

When it comes to presenting your photos at their very best, frames and backgrounds are loaded with the most exciting options, and designs theme for almost any occasion you could imagine.

Make a collage in the Sky or take them to deep space! Maybe you just want something that colorful and artistic? Find a frame for your selfies, or create something gaudi with Glitter Frames.

Scroll around and see what you find!

Your move!

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