Valentine Frames

Frame the photos of your favorite moments together with Valentine Frames. These 12 frames are tailor-made for your sweetest memories, whether you have a favorite moment or want to make a collage. Because no Valentine’s Day gift has the staying power to keep you both smiling like a framed photo.

Valentine Frames PicsArt Photo Studio


Where to find Valentine Frames

You’ll find Valentine frames in PicsArt’s frame menu of course! Just tap the frame icon on the menu bar of the editor. To download them, you can also search the name directly in the in-app Shop. That’s the little shopping basket icon at the far right corner. And take a look at lots of other Valentine’s Day Clipart you can use.

Who Valentine Frames are for

Valentine Frames are really easy to use, so this pack is really for anyone who wants to get a creative this Valentine’s Day. If you have a bunch of super cute photos sitting in your phone of you and your boo, this is finally your chance to do something special with them.

How to use Valentine Frames

To use Valentine Frames, upload a great photo of you two at your happiest into the editor, and then tap the Frame icon. Scroll the menu down to Valentine Frames, pick the one that suites you, and that’s really all there is to it. PicsArt goes long on customization, however, so if you want to go further, here are some other cool ideas:

Make it Fit

If your Valentine Frame doesn’t line up quite right, you can fix that with two finger motions. Rotate your fingers to rotate, pinch to shrink, and spread to enlarge.

Make a Collage

While these aren’t collage frames, you can always use Add Photo to improvise and start layering photos on top of the original framed shot. You can even put each photo you add into it’s own frame for some frame on frame action!


These frames are just made to be posted. Post them on your own wall to make a declaration of love, or throw them on your Valentine’s wall to make him or her blush. After confirming by tapping the checkmark in the editor, the next menu let’s you choose from all of your favorite social networks so you can upload right from the app. Put on the #Valentine hashtag and spread the love!

Other goodies?

PicsArt really has your back for Valentine’s Day, whether it’s clipart, frames, or backgrounds. There is more than enough here to fuel your creative projects. For your Valentine’s Day card designing, try Valentine’s Day Clipart to give your pics flourishes of flowers and heart candies, or Valentine Messages Clipart to speak from the heart. For more ambitious collages, try pouring out all of your favorite love pics on PicsArt’s Kiss Backgrounds. Take a look and see what grabs you. Exploring is more than half the fun, and sometimes, the best pack is the one that you just stumble into.

Your move

Frame your most romantic moments today, and download Valentine Frames on PicsArt! PicsArt is free to download on phones and tablets across iOS, Android, and Windows.

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