Community Guidelines

Picsart was founded on the belief that there’s a creator in all of us, and that everyone should have a way to make and share awesome content in a welcoming and safe environment. These beliefs are the foundation of our Community Guidelines, which outline what we do and do not allow on Picsart. Along with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, our Community Guidelines reflect our commitment to keeping our community safe, inclusive, and welcoming.

As part of that commitment, we remove content that violates our Community Guidelines and restrict or terminate accounts with severe or repeated violations. In certain circumstances, we may also report an account to the relevant authorities or law enforcement. Determining whether there’s been a violation of our Community Guidelines can be very nuanced, and we reserve the right to make decisions we consider appropriate for the Picsart community.

Our Community Guidelines apply to everything shared on Picsart. We update them periodically based on community behavior, emerging issues, and user reports.

Nudity and sexually explicit content

Picsart isn’t a place for nudity or pornography, nor accounts dedicated to sexual activity. Do not post nude, sexually explicit or pornographic content, including illustrated or computer-generated content of that nature. This includes:

  • Genitals.

  • Sexual intercourse or acts.

  • Sexual fetishes.

  • Sexual exploitation.

  • Sexual arousal.

  • Simulated sexual acts.

In some cases we may permit partial nudity shared in a non-sexualized nature. Such content is typically shared for the purpose of raising awareness, advocacy, education, or documentary.

Minor safety

We are deeply committed to minor safety and have zero tolerance for content or acts that jeopardize the safety of children. We report content that violates our Community Guidelines on minor safety to relevant authorities or law enforcement.

Do not post content that depicts or promotes the sexual exploitation of children, including illustrated or computer-generated content of that nature. This includes:

  • Content depicting nudity or sexual activity involving minors.

  • Content depicting sexual fetishism or arousal involving minors.

  • Content depicting sexually suggestive language objectifying or otherwise involving minors.

  • Accounts created for the sole purpose of sexualizing or inappropriately admiring children.

Do not post links to third-party sites that host material involving the sexual exploitation of minors.

Do not post content depicting child abuse or the infliction of physical or emotional trauma or other harm on a minor.

Do not follow or like users on our platform in order to make sexual remarks or engage in grooming behavior, including building an emotional relationship with a minor for the purposes of sexual abuse, exploitation, or trafficking.

Do not post content that promotes physical abuse, neglect, or other forms of abuse towards minors.

Do not post any content that promotes or glorifies pedophelia.

You must be at least 13 years old to use Picsart, as stated in our Terms of Use. When we become aware of underage account holders, we remove their accounts from our platform.

Harassment and bullying

We believe psychological safety and wellbeing are necessary for learning and creative expression. Picsart isn’t a place for degrading, shaming, insulting, or antagonizing others.

  • Do not post content intended to degrade, shame, or mock.

  • Do not post content that incites violence or coordinated harassment.

  • Do not post content that wishes death, disease, physical harm, or other harm to a person.

  • Do not post content that glorifies violent tragedies or disparages victims.

  • Do not post content that attempts to blackmail, doxx, or out others.


We value diversity and want Picsart to be a place of inclusion and respect. Do not post content that discriminates against, attacks, or promotes or incites hatred, harm, exploitation of, or bigotry or violence towards, individuals or groups based on following attributes:

  • Race.

  • Ethnicity.

  • Ancestry.

  • National origin or immigration status.

  • Religious affiliation.

  • Caste.

  • Gender.

  • Gender identity.

  • Sexual orientation.

  • Age.

  • Disability (physical or mental).

  • Disease.

This includes content:

  • Depicting logos, symbols, flags, slurs, negative stereotypes, uniforms, salutes, gestures, caricatures, illustrations, or individuals related to hateful ideologies.

  • Condoning, idolizing, or trivializing violent events that have occurred or may occur involving any of the attributes listed above.

  • Denying well-documented factual events have taken place or portraying such events as hoaxes or conspiracy theories.

  • Dehumanizing or degrading individuals or groups based on the attributes listed above.

  • Justifying or promoting exclusions or segregation of individuals or groups based on the attributes listed above.

  • Reinforcing harmful or negative stereotypes.

We may permit certain content for historical, documentary, or educational purposes.


Picsart isn’t a place for graphic violence. Do not post violent content involving humans or animals, including illustrated or computer-generated content, that is excessively bloody, vivid, gruesome, gory, or shocking. This includes content:

  • Depicting disturbing footage of war, car crashes and other accidents.

  • Depicting decapitations, suicide, terrorism, murder, or executions.

  • Depicting wounds where the injury is the central focus.

  • Depicting the torture, skinning, slaughter, mutilation, cruelty towards, or harm of animals or humans.

  • Depicting weapons with violent intent, including weapons positioned at another, weapons with blood or gore, or weapons widely associated with mass violence or dangerous events.

  • Glorifying, commending, or idolizing perpetrators of violence or violent events.

We may permit certain content for historical, documentary, or educational purposes.

Dangerous organizations and individuals

Picsart isn’t a place for groups or individuals that promote violence, hate, terrorism, crime, or other harmful behavior. We remove content and terminate accounts affiliated with gangs, terrorist organizations, cult communities, organized crime, and other violent or extremist groups. This includes content:

  • Depicting hand signals representing gang affiliation.

  • Depicting names, flags, slogans, monikers, logos, and other identifiers associated with such groups.

  • That glorifies or praises leaders or members associated with these groups.

Illegal activity, regulated goods, and controlled substances

We remove content and terminate accounts that promote any form of criminal activity and we reserve the right to report any such violations to law enforcement.

  • Do not use our platform to buy, sell, or trade illicit goods or controlled substances, including drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, weapons, toxic substances, and counterfeit goods.

  • Do not post content that provides instruction on or otherwise promotes criminal activity, such as swatting, vehicular break-in and theft, or fraudulent money making schemes.

  • Do not post content advertising illegal goods or services, such as the sale of weapons, escort services, or prostitution.

  • Do not use our platform for human trafficking or any related activities.

We respect local law, and reserve the right to restrict or remove content that violates those laws.

Self-injury and self-harm

Picsart isn’t a place for encouraging, normalizing, or glorifying suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse, or other harmful acts.

  • Do not post content that glorifies, promotes, or normalizes self-inflicted wounds.

  • Do not post content that provides instructions on how to commit self-harm.

  • Do not post suicide or self-harm challenges, dares, or games.

  • Do not post content depicting body changes which promote eating habits that are likely to cause self-harm.

  • Do not post content that glorifies, encourages, or promotes severe or dangerous weight loss tactics.

  • Do not post content depicting the use of drugs or other controlled substances.

  • Do not post content that provides instructions on how to obtain, make, use, or sell illegal substances.

Private information

We believe sharing or threatening to share private information is a form of abuse. Do not post content, make comments, or otherwise share information that discloses or attempts to obtain the private information of others. This includes:

  • Contact information, such as email address, residential address, telephone number, or photographs of a person’s residence.

  • Sensitive personal information, such as national identification numbers, passport numbers, driver’s licenses, or username and password information.

  • Financial information, such as credit card numbers or bank account information.

Authenticity and platform integrity

We want the creator experience in the Picsart community to be trustworthy and authentic. Do not:

  • Create, spread, or engage in spammy behavior of any kind for any reason, including creating inauthentic accounts, accounts en masse via manual or automated means, or new accounts if your account has previously been terminated under these Community Guidelines.

  • Create an account to impersonate a person or organization for the purpose of misleading others.

  • Create, post, or share synthetic or manipulated content like deepfakes that may confuse, mislead, or deceive others.

  • Post misleading information meant to incite harm, fear, panic, or disrupt civic processes.

  • Post comments or content to divert web traffic to destinations that are unsafe, deceptive, pornographic, or commercial in nature.

  • Artificially increase views, votes, likes, followers, shares, comments, Remixes, or Replays.

  • Upload or distribute files that contain malware, spyware, or other materials that are malicious or harmful to the Picsart service or others.

Intellectual property

We encourage everyone to create and share their creations with the Picsart community, and to Remix, Replay, edit, and use content that other creators have shared for those purposes. Do not upload, post, or share content that violates or infringes on someone else’s copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

Learn how to report copyright infringement here if you believe someone has used your work without permission.

Last updated: September 22, 2021