PicsArt was founded on the belief that there’s a creator in all of us. We believe everyone should have a way to make and share awesome content in a welcoming and safe environment. Those beliefs are the foundation of our Community Guidelines, which outline what we do and do not allow on PicsArt. Along with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, they reflect our commitment to keeping our community safe, inclusive, and welcoming.

As part of that commitment, we remove content that violates our Community Guidelines and restrict or ban accounts with severe or repeated violations. In certain circumstances, we will also report the accounts to relevant authorities and law enforcement. Determining whether the Community Guidelines have been violated can be very nuanced, and we reserve the right to make decisions we believe are appropriate for the PicsArt community.

Our Community Guidelines apply to everyone and to everything shared on PicsArt. We update them periodically based on community behavior, emerging issues, and user reports. In that way, you are an important part of helping us maintain a safe, open, and authentic shared space.

Nudity and sexually explicit content

PicsArt isn’t a place for nudity or pornography, nor accounts dedicated to sexual activity. Do not post nude, sexually explicit or pornographic content, including illustrated or computer-generated content of that nature. This includes:

In some cases we may permit partial nudity shared in a non-sexualized nature. These cases typically are shared for the purposes of raising awareness, advocacy, education, or documentary.

Minor safety

We are deeply committed to minor safety and have zero tolerance for content and other acts that jeopardize the safety of children.

We have minimum age requirements to use PicsArt, as stated in our Terms of Use. When we become aware of underage account holders, we remove their accounts from our platform.

Harassment and bullying

We believe psychological safety and wellbeing are necessary for learning and creative expression. PicsArt isn’t a place for degrading, shaming, insulting, or antagonizing others.


We believe in diversity and want PicsArt to be a place of inclusion and respect. Do not post content that discriminates against, attacks, or promotes or incites hatred, harm, or violence towards, individuals or groups based on following protected attributes:

This includes content:

We may permit certain content for historical, documentary, or educational purposes.


PicsArt isn’t a place for graphic violence. Do not post violent content involving humans or animals, including illustrated or computer-generated content, that is excessively vivid, gruesome, gory, or shocking. This includes content:

We may permit certain content for historical, tribute, condolence, or educational purposes.

Dangerous organizations and individuals

PicsArt isn’t a place for groups or individuals that promote violence, hate, terrorism, crime, or other harmful behavior. We remove content and ban accounts affiliated with gangs, terrorist organizations, cult communities, organized crime, and other violent extremist groups. This includes content:

Illegal activity, regulated goods, and controlled substances

We remove content and ban accounts that promote any form of criminal activity.

We reserve the right to report any such violations to law enforcement authorities.

Self-injury and self-harm

PicsArt isn’t a place for encouraging, normalizing, or glorifying suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse, or other harmful acts.

Private information

We believe sharing or threatening to share private information is a form of abuse. Do not post content, make comments, or otherwise share information that discloses the private information of others. This includes:

Authenticity and platform integrity

We want the creator experience on PicsArt and in our community to be trustworthy and authentic. Do not:

Intellectual property

We encourage everyone to create and share their creations with the community, and to Remix, Replay, edit, and use content that other creators have shared with the community for those purposes. Do not upload, post, or share content that violates or infringes on someone else’s copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

Learn how to report copyright infringement here if you believe someone has used your work without permission.