Memes are all the rage on social media. From celebrity to politics to pets to television and movies, memes are the perfect way of expressing your jokes on any relevant current event. And with PicsArt’s customizable meme templates, it’s so easy to get in on the game. To start, just click on the #memes hashtag from the Templates page, choose the right template, and begin customizing. Or you can create your own memes from scratch with our easy-to-use Meme Maker. So the next time you come up with a funny parody that you want to share with the world, turn to PicsArt’s meme templates and start meme-ing away.

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Funny & Trending Meme Templates

With PicsArt’s meme templates, it’s so fun and painless to create funny and trending memes. Come ready with your own design ideas or let our easy-to-use templates give you inspiration. Interacting with funny memes is such a nice way to de-stress after a long day. One hilarious meme photo that speaks to your humor or current mood can put a smile on your face, or even better, make you crack up for minutes and completely alter your state of mind. And with a long list of meme templates available, there are so many topics to explore. It’s one thing to laugh at others’ memes, but it’s another world when you start creating trending memes for yourself. It takes your creativity to a whole new level and results in social media gaining some pretty hilarious new memes.

Popular Meme Templates

If you’ve been thinking about getting in on the game of creating the most popular memes online (that can potentially go viral), you’ve come to the right place. With PicsArt’s popular meme templates, it doesn’t take much time or effort to make a comical meme that will make your friends and fans laugh out loud. With the ready-to-use meme templates, you can replace the original text or photo — or both — to make the meme completely your own. With each new hot current event that occurs, we design a new meme template for you to easily get in on trending conversation.

Blank Meme Templates

Another way to go in the meme-making game is to create your own meme from scratch with PicsArt’s Meme Maker online. It’s still a quick and simple way to show off your personality and joyful side. You can create memes from scratch for many purposes. You can use memes to inject some lightheartedness to your business or brand. This will express to your customers, clients, and fans that your company has an amusing personality and isn’t afraid to show it off. Especially when it comes to your social channels, it’ll garner all the “Likes.” You can also use blank meme templates to make personal memes to prank your friends, create fun birthday messages, or to just show off your funny bone.

How to Play With PicsArt’s Meme Templates

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    Choose one of our meme templates
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    Upload a new picture or choose one from our #FreetoEdit images
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    Swap out the text in the template
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