Account Settings

How can I request a verified badge for my account? How do I change my PicsArt profile cover image? How do I change my password? How do I change my profile picture? How can I change my username? How do I change my About Me description? How do I modify my in-app notification settings? How do I modify my push notification settings?

Community Sharing

How do I delete the Reposts Membox? How do I upload an image to another social network? How can I add a hashtag to an image? How can I share one of my pictures as #FreeToEdit? How do I get Remix Chat? How do I remix #FreeToEdit images? What are Reposts? What is a #FreeToEdit image? Where can I see all of the images I have reposted? How do I submit an image to a PicsArt Challenge? Why is my submission “Under Review?” How can I vote in a Challenge? How can I report a stolen picture? How can I download an image created by another user? How can I get more followers? What is Remix Chat? Navigating Actionable Explore

Tools Effects

How can I create a collage? How can I add my own fonts to PicsArt? How can I view my drawing projects in fullscreen mode? How can I create a project in Draw? How do I make My Stickers? How do I open an image in the Editor? How do I remove an image from my PicsArt profile? How do I upload an image to my PicsArt profile? Where can I find the stickers I created? What are Magic Effects? Where can I find tutorials on how to use PicsArt? Why aren’t Magic Effects showing up even though I updated the app?


How do I block a user? How do I post my images as “Private?”


I just got a new device. How can I access my previous purchases? How can I download a pack from the PicsArt Shop? How can I find free packs in the PicsArt Shop? Shop and how to navigate it


How do I register on PicsArt? How do I delete my account? Why do I have to register? How do I save pictures to my SD card? What is PicsArt? How do I download PicsArt? Why did I receive a feedback email after contacting Support?
Have more questions? We are happy to help. Please email us at support@picsart.com and we will do our best to address your concerns.

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