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That same blood that flowed down the Image by Emparra

#jesus savesThat same blood that flowed down the cross on Calvary still flows today for you. There is no limit of sin to where God will turn you away.
It does not matter what you have done, God will always receive you with arms open wide.
It doesn't matter if you have tried to end it all, God still wants you and loves you dearly.
He will forgive you of all your sin and wash them all away in His blood.
He loves you so much that He would move Heaven and Earth to save you, you can't run far enough away to be out of His reach.
He will always know where you are and He will deal with you unceasingly until the day you die.
Every chance you have is on this side of the grave, once you die, that's it. If you have accepted Jesus as your savior, you will go to Heaven. If you have chosen to reject Him, you WILL go to Hell.
Accept Him today, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
You may think nobody cares about you, that nobody would notice if you were gone.
But Jesus loves you!!
He would move Hell itself just to reach one soul, your soul.
It matters to Him about you, every heartache, every sorrow, He cares! No matter what you have done or may do, He will stop at nothing to save you from your sin, to give you a new life.
The time is NOW, not tomorrow, not next week or next year, but NOW.
There is room at the cross for you, though millions have come, there's still room for one, there is room at the cross for you.
Jesus loves you. He loved us so much that He went to Calvary and gave His life and she'd his precious blood for you.
It does not matter how battered and broken you may be, it does not matter how badly you've messed up or how much you have done, there will always be room at the cross for you.
The Savior's arms are open wide, waiting for you to run to Him, to give Him all your burdens and cares.
TODAY is the day of salvation, if only you will let Him into your heart. Jesus stands at the door of your heart, knocking. Only look up, there is Hope in Jesus, look to Him.
Look to the cross and LIVE!
You have nothing to lose!
If what I have spent my whole life believing is not true, that Heaven and Hell are not real, then I have lost nothing.
But I have spent my whole life believing what turns out to be truth, I have gained everything.
There is nothing to lose except Heaven.
Accept Jesus now, do not wait.
You are not promised tomorrow, you could die in the next hour.
Accept Him before it is too late!
Just pray, ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive your sins, to cleanse you in His blood.
It is that simple.
All you must do is place your faith wholly in what Jesus did on the cross to atone for your sins.
That's it, and that's all.
You don't have to confess to a priest, or be baptized in water, or do any of that.
Just simply place your faith in Jesus Christ.
He loves you so much.