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dcfeather editstepbystep quicktip Image by Brie

Steps for my #dcfeather entry! rows in numbers and columns in letters. please ask if you have any questions :)
1a: rough blobby sketch with a semi opaque round brush
1b: rough outline over initial sketch in a different colour
1c and d: before and after of cleaning up the rough lineart
2a: showing you guys the final lineart (if anyone wants to colour it let me know I can post a higher res version)
2b: feathery and ominous background
2c: initial broad strokes shading, deciding how to light the planes of the subject
2d: refining brush shading by narrowing highlights and shadows
3a: new layer for the headpiece, which goes under the outline but over the shading this far (minimize erasing)
3b, c, and d: details of how I did the feathers. First, feather spines and general shadows, then a tiny hard brush to light and darker lines, then broad shadows and light again so the lines didn't look so garish.
4a: feather headpiece done; added a few wisps escaping it for realism
4b: outline of her outfit and some minor accents
4c: to create the lace effect I used the pinwheel brush and the hatch brush on low opacity, and erased a little but with those brushes too.
4d: I upped the scatter on the brush with the little nuggets and made it tiny to give the crown a see through sparkly glass feel.
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