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Memories tribute loveneverdies Image by 🌸Amy🌸

This photo is a tribute to my late best friend Claudia Sterngold❤️ Claudia (far right) passed away in 1999 from a fatal car accident. It was the most painful death I've ever endured. I miss her each and everyday of my life. I placed her in this photo along side her two beautiful daughters, Mckenna & Morgan💕 Mckenna was around two years old & Morgan was still a baby when Claudia died at the tender age of twenty-nine. I wonder if they would like this photo of them all grown up with their mother. The only photos they have with her are from when they were tiny. I don't know if I should show this to them or not. I wouldn't want to upset them. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated... thank you💗 #Memories #tribute #loveneverdies #family #smile