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I really want someone to draw my OCs! Multiple people can do it, just tag me when u draw it! Also please comment when u do it! Let's see how many drawings we can get! My OCs are both Warriors cats. They are mates, and I want them drawn in some sort of position that shows their love. Please add a background. Frostwing Gender:She-cat Clan:Rowan Clan(it's a clan me and my friends created) Looks: slender, with gorgeous silvery white sleek fur, and pale blue eyes. Age: about 12 moons?(She is supposed to be a young adult) Rank: Warrior Mate:Shadowfoot Personality: Caring, Compassionate, wise, loyal, a fierce warrior, agile, fast Apprentice:I'm not sure yet Likes: Loyal clan cats, running, hunting Dislikes:unnecessary war, loners, lying, Flaws:She is very trusting Kits:none(yet) Shadowfoot Gender: tom Clan: Rowan Clan Looks: handsome, jet black fur, bushy tail, sort of messy fur, Amber eyes. Age: a couple moons older than Frostwing Rank:warrior Mate:Frostwing Personality: Funny, outgoing, energetic, eager, witty, is very popular among the she-cats, but is still loyal to Frostwing Likes: patrol duty, clan life in general Dislikes: ungrateful cats, Whining Flaws: short-tempered Kits:none(yet) #oc #ocdrawingrequest #request #pleasecomment
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Senpai will be mine,B**TCHES!
@iiravenclawii Hm. okay
Those are my ocs

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