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I was going to try and leave my boyfriend alone all week by blocking his number so i wouldn't text him because i've been feeling too clingy but I failed yesterday and texted him about something that had happened to me Sunday night...I was in the hospital at night until 11 am yesterday and I messaged him telling him what happened and he freaked out and was asking if I was okay and saying Sammy please be okay and such and then when i responded saying i was okay, he asked if I could call him and when we talked on the phone he said that he lost his job...and that he may not be able to come visit me when we planned in December. I'm okay with that, but I'm just so worried about him because he's so sad. When he called me yesterday he was crying and I just wish I could hug him and cuddle with him. I tell him it's going to be okay that things will be okay, I tell him to have courage and be kind. I tell him I love him because I really do. I just want everything to be okay.
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@shelbymustang888 no I just have to try and go about life
@shelbymustang888 yeah what i said while i was on my other account. I just have to try and go about life, but thank you.
Ya.... Just tell me if u want to talk or anything! Im here for u!

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