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Ok so I know, I need to stop with this one, but Hyungwon's face is so relatable, I'm sorry. I was just spending a regular night on the internet, got picsart open, got twitter open, writing something on tumblr. Phones at 20 something percent. "Oh it doesn't matter my charger is always right next to me." Oh yes it does matter the electric box that apparently powers the whole neighborhood kinda just, EXPLODED. Yup. 5+ hours, I don't know how long exactly because I fell asleep and woke up at 2 am. This could have started such a big fire, oh wow. The worst part is, about 2 hours in, the box was fixed but no one decided to think about how hundreds of homes are being powered at once. So for 2 seconds the lights came on, but then the box burst again, AGAIN. I could hear audible groans of dissaproval from other homes. So his face pretty much sums up my experience of no electricity Or I just have a problem Or both #kpop #music #monstax #hyungwon #chaehyungwon #meme
that sounds like a nightmare
also how do you have so many hyungwon memes its incredible
I literally just look up his name and there's hundreds of memes @bts-ramjoon

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