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I know it's not Monday , which I missed but I haven't done a #MCM in a while so I decided to do one today . Wade, has been a great partner to me these past 2 years , I've watched him grow as a man & as a loving partner and I love this growth that I'm seeing.... being along side him during his journey with joining the Marines and now actually being one is a great opportunity.. there's been many times where I have seen Wade be so hard on himself & it hurts me to see him this way , but going to work he puts on a happy face so no one sees him at his lowest and that's what I really love about him ; he can break down and hurt and he knows how to bring himself back up. He doesn't let anything hinder him from what he has to do ... he's a hardworking , sweet, loving , caring, motivational, self sufficient, brave, selfless, trustworthy, understanding, independent, patient, unique, friendly, comical, welcoming person I know. When I say I love this man to death I really do , and I will do anything to make him happy. he's my rock , seriously . #my love

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