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night image

From a fun night! 😄 I will keep sharing for the little piece of the followers I have now. Because everybody I love here is leaving picsart and picsart is left with many people who don't show respect to the eye for art. The eye for art is an opening to kindness. There is a lot of people in picsart now who only look for getting a piece of attention. Im sure just like an artist they will grow to sharing for art and for the ones with the eye. But it takes long time! And since there is no place for authentic photography in picsart I will not share for picsart, but will share for whoever still likes to look at my page sometimes :) Even though I am being humiliated while seeing effortless pieces in front pages of picsart while my eyes creations are not getting the credit they at least deserve. I have always shared for you my friends but also for picsart, to see which one of my works they will show in different pages. To be happy knowing my work is being appreciated by picsart team as well. But with no place for authentic photography in picsart now I don't think they will ever appreciate my work in picsart. It is humiliation. But I will share for you! :) #night #longexposure #lights #fun
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I was kinda new and was really inspired by many artists (including you offcourse) so i started taking editing but then people started leaving pa and i also started to loose interest. Now i open pa once a month.
Shawn Walker
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