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ballerina image

#FreeToEdit @picsartofficial @pa #ballerina #ballet #musicbox #music #glass #cup #hand #interesting <br>#remixed from @shaghayegh21
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Bonny Saskia
@bonnysaskia I do not know if you are the photographer or the model. Either way, your photos are amazing and I have a masters in graphic design, and have been a designer at one of the world's largest software companies for years, so I am not just looking at them from the mass view. You or your model, whoever the dancer is, is amazing. She is beautiful, great form, extremely photogenic, and really draws the viewers eyes to her. You have done a wonderful job with the selection of dance outfits also. I am a bit perplexed as to why you are not selling these photos to dance publications and even more perplexed as to why you are allowing them to be edited. I am grateful you are allowing edits! Thank you. On the off chance that you are unaware, your photos are professional quality and could be sold to dance publications in the U.S.
Bonny Saskia
Thankyou very much! I am the model from this Picture, they were just taken last week. But i also have a few photos of my own. Very nice words! I really appreciate them 😊 @davidcattar

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