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selfharm image

Yes, i selfharm....BUT im trying to stop...it all began because i was bullied a lot and didnt know how to handle it...so i started cutting....and it got worse and worse until the point where i eecognized that i couldnt go on like that ...since then i tryed to stop it....and it does work quite well at the moment.... Oh and before i forget: Im not telling u guys about it to gain attention or anything like that....im telling u about it because i know that there are a lot of people out there who selfharm and want to stop it...i want them to know that its possible and that they can also stop,if they only really really want to... #selfharm #blackandwhite #sad
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Juuzuo suzuya :3
@xxrainbowhorsexx i may not have scars there but i have some mentaly... my mind is ruined by drugs from the ment hospital... i cant think strait... no one sees it cuz im always fighting with the mosnster inside of me... im not a drug adict... im just mental is all
@xxrainbowhorsexx ....... ok i lied i do have scars ... real ones

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