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Idk if im gonna be posting my photography on here much anymore. Idk i love the communitu but does anyone know if theres anyway to get rid of the pictures that you deleted (because both the pictures and captions stay online) does anyone know if u can delete an account, and if u can does it get rid of the pictures or are they still there? (If that for sure works i would do it and make a new acc) i wish u could go private too, and actually delETE stuff what a concept. If u have any ideas please tell me thanks ❤️
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@bayan2468 i look up either my account name or parts of captions of deleted pictures of mine and most of them come up
@art_by_az i contacted them once and they didnt reply, ill try it again thank u :)
@ayeee_its_me for some reason when i look up my account name it shows all photos and when i look up captions of deleted pictures nothing shows up :o

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