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Ok, so you know that WiP I had? Welp, I'm redoing it! I'm gonna try a way better style, so that they actually look like they're battling. As you can see, I color coded it so you can see where the Sylveon and Umbreon will be. :3 As I said before, THIS IS NOT ADMIN ART!!! I would never attack Umbree or Midnight!! The request was a Shiny Sylveon vs a Shiny Umbreon. :3
Esper πŸ’œ
Hngg i can't wait to see it :0
α•½ Bored α•½
I was wondering if i could join as flare cause i saw it open on the main account and i already got a yes from @/midnight_shine but they said to ask a few of the others.

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