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I don't think my relationship with brad is doing too well, but I don't know for sure. My mom says he may be busy and i'm trying to get myself to realize that but i just always worry that maybe i'm fuckin annoying. The thing is we haven't talked since yesterday...he was barely talking to me and i spammed him today. Yeah i know thats annoying as fuck...but I just. I'm so used to constantly talking. I'm worried though not just about our relationship but about him cause he lost his job and what if maybe he's off going and being crazy getting drunk and shit, or I don't know...something bad's happening? I just really care about him. Maybe I do annoy him. ): Maybe he's done with me.
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@mcswiggles i talked to him and I said: I know you probably don't want to deal with my annoying questions but is our relationship doing well? I just I my mind is just a mess of ideas. He responded with: i believe so. And then I said: I I hope so because I'm really deeply in love
@mcswiggles and then he said that he loves me and I kept saying how I never want to lose him and thats why I constantly try so hard to be a good girlfriend
Little Red
It sounds like it went well

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